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Thursday, April 13, 2017


13 APRIL 2017.
KIEV- Lysychansk City Court of Lugansk region considered criminal case on charges of Communists Tsymbal and Ryzhevol under Part 2 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sentenced to 3 years in prison each. This sentenced term of improsinment is calculated from 29.09.2015- from the moment of their actual detention. And the term of detention from 29.09.2015 to 21.03.2017 is calculated at the rate of one day of detention for two days in prison bazing on the Criminal Code of Ukraine, credited in the term of punishment imposed by this sentence,
Using abovementioned rate time of imprisonment of Comrades Tsymbal and Ryzhevol is ended. But they are still imprisoned. So, they are now serving sentences longer than the defined by the sentence, which is unacceptable, so deprived of their liberty unlawfully.
At this time of three years term of the sentence is ended even without crediting one day of detention for two days in prison.
Nevertheless, complaint of our lawyers was rejected by the court. This extra imprisonment is contrary not only the legislation of Ukraine but to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and jurisprudence of the European Court for human Rights (see “Bozano v. France” of December 18, 1986, p. 60, “Khodorkovskiy v. Russia” number 5829/04 , p. 142, of May 31, 2011, “Khayredinov v. Ukraine” number 38717/04, para. 27-28, of October 14, 2010 etc.)
According to Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights everyone has the right to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law decide its determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any against him criminal prosecution.
Currently, there is pure reason to believe that the detention of comrades Ryzhevol and Cymbal is arbitrary and consists a violation of Art. 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Communist Party of Ukraine, Central Committee
Department for the International Relations.
* * * 
ROME- In front of the capital’s best known landmark- the Colosseum- members from the Communist Party and the Front of the Communist Youth (FGC) demonstrated against the imperialist military aggression against Syria. The purpose of the demonstration was to show that in Italy there is another response to the war- different from the one of Gentiloni’s government (which has already declared its support to the US military intervention).
In its message, the Communist Party of Italy points out that this anti-imperialist stance must reach the working people and the youth of the country’s popular strata who have nothing to benefit from this war. This is a war pursued by the multinationals, the big monopolies from the energy sector.
* * * 
ATHENS- On Tuesday morning, a delegation of the KKE comprised by the member of the CC and MEP Kostas Papadakis and the member of the Central Committee’s International Department Nikos Seretakis, visited the Embassy of Venezuela and met with Ambassador Farid Fernandez. The purpose of the visit was to protest against the efforts of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela to ban the Communist Party of the country.
The KKE cadres underlined that it is unacceptable to use a law passed during the period of a police-state and anticommunist regime in order to prohibit the activity of the communists. They pointed out that this attempt against the CP of Venezuela (PCV) is taking place at a time when the deadlocks of the capitalist way of development in Venezuela are being manifested and the threats against the people and the popular movement are sharpening. The government of the country and the political forces which support or tolerate this attack bear big responsibilities, said the KKE members.
The Ambassador pledged to deliver the KKE protest to his government.
* * *
Source: KCNA.
PYONGYANG- A spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) answered the question put by KCNA on April 10 as regards the fact that the U.S. is pulling up the KPA over its measures for self-defence while shamelessly conniving at the provocative actions of its stooges.
Noting that the U.S., accustomed to groundlessly taking issue with the DPRK, went reckless in its anti-DPRK campaign even in the UN arena with riff-raffs involved, describing each military drill of the KPA as a “serious provocation” and “threat”, the spokesman said:
This reckless action of the U.S. hell-bent on the hostile policy toward the DPRK is not something new and surprising.
However, the double-dealing approach taken by the U.S. towards the provocative actions of its stooges against the DPRK can never be overlooked.
The south Korean puppet forces are now claiming that “they could strike the whole of the north” and that “they would deploy ballistic missile Hyonmu-2 with the firing range of 800km for an actual battle within this year” but the U.S. keeps mum about it as we expected.
This is a brazen-faced stance quite different from its reaction to the routine rocket firing exercise of the KPA.
Crystal clear is the reason why the U.S. is resorting to such mean gimmick. The U.S. seeks to stifle the DPRK by force at any cost, even discarding any decency and impartiality.
It shows the true colors of the U.S. styling itself the world’s “judge”.
Emboldened by their master’s unfair double standards and double-dealing attitude of making profound confusion of right and wrong, the south Korean puppet warmongers and the Japanese reactionaries, are now going reckless, not afraid of any punishment from the Heaven.
The U.S. should ponder over the serious consequences to be entailed by its self-righteous and unilateral actions against the DPRK.
The south Korean warmongers and the Japanese reactionaries had better stop behaving foolishly.
The brigandish double standards of the U.S. can never be pardoned.
* * *
Source: Granma.
HAVANA- The Young Communist League (UJC), founded on April 4, 1962, has seen its membership increase. The organization currently has 300,752 affiliates and over 33,000 grassroots committees. It continues to respond to today’s challenges by calling for increased participation in its aim to represent all Cuban youth
As part of activities to mark the 55th anniversary of the Young Communist League (UJC) this April 4, schools across the country held special assemblies, while membership cards were presented to new affiliates of the organization and outstanding students and young workers were also recognized.
Speaking during a press conference in Havana held prior to celebrations, Susely Morfa González, first secretary of the UJC National Committee, stated that “Every activity will have the color, joy and optimism which have characterized this organization for over half a century.”
Fifty five years after its founding, the UJC is proud to be composed of the vanguard of Cuba’s youth, and of the work it continues to do in support of children across the island.
The organization, created on April 4, 1962, has 300,752 members and more than 33,000 grassroots committees. Not only has the UJC’s membership increased, but the organization has made and continues to make concerted efforts to listen and respond to proposals by young people across all sectors.
“Despite the high figures, we want to keep adding more young people and ideas. What is more, we continue to strengthen the organization and its political processes, encouraging and motivating new generations to learn more about Cuba’s history in a more inclusive, humane and creative way,” stated Morfa.
Throughout its existence the UJC has worked to foster the value of making a useful contribution to society in Cuban youth. “There are those who question whether younger generations are conscious of their social role. I believe that they are,” noted the organization’s first secretary, who is also a member of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee.
Of the almost three million young Cubans living on the island, “I dare say that the immense majority are revolutionary,” Morfa added.
Many continually put their intellect and interests toward supporting the development of Cuban society something which “the organization attests to on a daily basis, every time we interact with them. There is broad representation of young people across all sectors of our economy, from where they contribute to our country’s development.”
One example, she noted, is the sugarcane sector, where young people represent 65% of the workforce. Similar levels of participation can be found in spheres such as public health and agriculture. “We recently met with young tobacco growers in Pinar del Río, whose efforts not only contribute to boosting the economy, but also preserving a tradition,” stated the first secretary.
Over the last 55 years, the UJC has also been consolidating the way in which institutions and ministries respond to the needs of the island’s youth, who are represented and participate on governing boards and commissions responsible for making decisions which will impact the new generations.
Susely Morfa described as exemplary the relationship between the UJC and National Association of Small Farmers, where the organization has over 8,000 members, as well as its efforts to protect and motivate young Cubans once they enter the workplace, whether it be in the state or private sector.
In 2016, the UJC organized various activities with young non-state sector workers, “where we saw many positive results, shared, exchanged, and listened to these young people. We were accompanied by representatives from the Party, government and relevant institutions in order to respond to queries by those starting out in this form of management,” she added.
This year the UJC has proposed “to continue supporting them (young private sector workers) to combat illegalities, fortify our patriotic symbols, explain to them their rights in this sector, and which ministries and organizations to approach with their queries.”
Among its priorities, the UJC is also proposing to intensify work with secretary generals of grassroots committees. “We cannot forget that although we are an organization that represents the youth, we are also a political organization, home to the vanguard. Therefore, we must continue to strengthen the functioning of our grassroots committees and to encourage youths to take on leadership roles.”
As long as young leaders love the organization, and search for something to do to improve their surroundings every day, consolidate the UJC’s ideological work, and bring together more ideas to continue building the Revolution, members and youths will want to be like them, and will accompany them in this integrationist work, commented the first secretary.
The UJC will continue promoting historic tours, summer camps, workshops, and forum-debates, among other important activities for Cuban youth, where they will also have the opportunity to learn more about the island’s history and culture.
“We are working with the Ministry of Culture so that our youth can enjoy recreational offers which feature both our best values and are affordable,” she added.
Cuba’s youth is the continuation of the generation that founded the Revolution, not its substitute, stated Susely, who went on to note that the new generations, strongly committed to the legacy of historic leader Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, and the support of the Communist Party of Cuba, will continue to defend socialism and participate in the economic and social transformations that the country needs.
“Those of us who wish to defend, transform, create and preserve everything that has been achieved over these last 55 years will always be with the UJC. Our aim is to increase participation in order to be an organization for all, so that every young person feels a greater attachment to it,” she concluded.
Mobilize to defeat the racist agenda
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Source: CP of Canada website

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the escalation of activities by racist and neo-fascist movements across the country, such as the March 4 anti-Muslim rallies in over 60 cities and towns called by the “Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens”. While the CCCC pose as advocates of “fairness”, in reality they play upon the fears of working people who face the impact of capitalist economic crisis, unemployment, and austerity social cuts, to promote their true agenda of white supremacy.

The current wave of violent xenophobia has been fanned by recent events in the US, but it is also true that the Canadian capitalist state was founded on the basis of colonial genocide against indigenous peoples, brutal exploitation of immigrant workers, and the racist goal of creating a “white man’s country.”

Seen in this historical context, the March 4 CCCC rallies pose a serious threat to racialized communities, as seen by the murder of six Muslim men by a white supremacist in Quebec, and by the growing numbers of arsons, bomb threats, physical assaults against women wearing the hijab, xenophobic graffiti and acts of vandalism, etc. Far-right violence also targets other immigrant groups, indigenous peoples and land defenders, the LGBTQ+ community (especially trans people at this time), the organized labour movement, advocates for women’s equality and reproductive rights, the Jewish community, and the political left – not least the Communist Party and the Young Communist League, which have been the most consistent anti-fascist and anti-racist political voices in this country since the 1920s.

Communists stand in solidarity with all those who are under attack at this critical moment. We extend our full support to the counter-protests against the March 4 Islamophobic actions, and we condemn all attempts by far-right elements to use provocations to divide and weaken the anti-racist forces.  We will continue to work with others to make this resistance movement a broad-based powerful force, including trade unions and all other democratic and people’s organizations. We also call for greater efforts to expose and counter racist and neo-fascist ideologies, through letters to the editor, participation in social media debates, public meetings, etc.

The Communist Party demands that Parliament take immediate steps to counter the growing menace of organized racist violence, including measures to strengthen and enforce existing anti-hate legislation, and swift passage of M-103 (the private member’s motion calling on the government to recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear, and to condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination).  The refusal of most Conservative leadership candidates to support M-103 is an ominous signal that this party intends to be the vehicle for imposing a Trump-style racist political agenda in Canada.

But such an outcome is not inevitable. It can, and must, be prevented by building broad anti-racist unity in the streets, in our workplaces and campuses, and in all our communities during the critical weeks and months ahead!


Central Committee, Communist Party of Canada

Russia reviving pioneer and Komsomol movements?
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Russia reviving pioneer and Komsomol movements?. Pioneer and Komsomol movements are back

A national children and youth organization to assist in the socialization of children and adolescents is to appear in Russia.

President Putin has signed the decree to create the organization called “The Russian Movement of School-Children”, the purpose of which is to improve the state policy in the field of education of young people, as well as form citizen personality on the basis of Russian values ​​. The founder of the organization on behalf of the Russian Federation is the Federal Agency for Affairs of the Youth.

The movement will be coordinated with the executive branch and local government agencies with the mediation of the Russian Youth Center at the Federal Agency for Affairs of the Youth.

Noteworthy, on the 97th anniversary of the Komsomol party, Communists of Russia announced the revival of the youth organization with the historic name of the Russian Leninist Young Communist League, known for the Russian initials as VLKSM. According to party leader Maxim Suraikin, this name carries great positive energy.

The congress to bring the now-defunct organization back to life was held on October 29 in Moscow. Activists from more than 40 regions of Russia, as well as representatives of friendly organizations from the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, from Hungary, Sri Lanka and South Africa took part in the meeting.

The congress adopted the resolution, the most important objective of which is “to  struggle against imperialism” and support the anti-fascist movement of the people of the Donbass and the Syrian government.

Maxim Suraikin, who asked to be addressed to as “Comrade Maxim”, told Pravda.Ru why Communists of Russia decided to revive the Komsomol.

“We believe that this is a historical name that carries huge positive energy. During  Soviet years, Komsomol was like school of life for millions of Soviet people. In general, Komsomol, or the Young Communist League, played a crucial role in the fate of the country ever since the Civil War, when young communists were fighting for freedom and independence of the Soviet state. During the Great Patriotic War, Komsomol members were dying for freedom and independence of our country, for freedom from fascism around the world. Think about all those grand Komsomol construction projects – all of that still lives in people’s memory,” Comrade Maxim told Pravda.Ru.

“Our people understand that they need to restore this organization to make it a full-fledged and massively popular movement that in turn will help them with their problems, social issues, issues of professional growth, employment issues and all  other problems that young people face today,” said Maxim Suraikin.

“Young people must know their country’s history, they need to learn to love their country. We can see what has been happening in Ukraine, when young people learn the new history of their country that American historians wrote for them. As a result, fascism is rising in Ukraine, the state is collapsing. All this, including the tragedy in the south-east of Ukraine, is happening because there is no organization in Ukraine that deals with the patriotic education of young people.”


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Opening Address to the CPUSA National Conference on Youth, Chicago, 2010
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Welcome address by Jarvis Tyner, National Executive Vice Chair.

On behalf of the national board of the Party, the Coordinating Committee of the YCL and the interim Party/YCL committee I want to welcome to this conference on the Youth Generation.

First I want to thank the Illinois district of the party for hosting this event. With out the efforts of John Bachtell the district chair this conference would not have been possible.

I especially want to thank all of you who have traveled long distances to be here in at the beautiful Unity Center. It is so good to see you. And to those who have joined us on the telephone I say thank you for taking the time and effort to be with us this weekend. It is so good to have you with us.

We are here this weekend to better meet the urgent challenges of the fight for jobs and the building of our Party and League.

The crisis of youth unemployment is doing great damage to working families and communities especially communities of color. Those within the sound of my voice who have experienced the great hardships of joblessness know what I’m talking about. For black and brown youth the problem is catastrophic in some communities the rate has been over 50% for youth for decades. That has consequences, big consequences.

Frankly the rise in violence and murders taking place in black and brown communities across this country has a lot to do with long term, severe youth unemployment in those communities. We know unemployment running above 50% and higher will bring disastrous consequences. These conditions exist among, Native American and Asian Pacific youth across all this country. It is truly a national crisis.
It’s also a moral and cultural crisis.

A job is more than a paycheck, it is also a connection to society a relationship that makes you feel a part, makes you feel you have a stake in society. Joblessness, especially long term joblessness, is also like getting a pink slip from society. And when that happens, there is a level of alienation and depression that drives millions of youth to destructive behavior. And this ruling class has a hundred traps out there to destroy young people. Unemployment kills; unemployment can have the most destructive impact not only for our youth but also for society as a whole. With that in mind think of this, according to a recent McClatchy Report, “only 55% of 16-24 year olds in our country are working or looking for work.

We have to ask an important question. “What is happening to the 45% who are not working and stopped looking?” How are they surviving?

When the private sector and the government being fully aware of the crisis of youth unemployment decides to do next to nothing (private sector) and actually cuts government programs like summer jobs and offer far less then what is urgently needed, we have a moral crisis. It is an economic crisis, which if not addressed, tears away at the moral fibers of our society and the viability of our democracy.

Scotty Marshall, a vice chair of our party and our labor secretary has a great story to tell on the new developments in the organization of the unemployed and what’s on the horizon. We look forward to that and we want to hear what is happening in your state.

Comrades, the fight for youth jobs is critical to defeating the right. The Republican line on unemployment compensation is that it destroys the initiative of the unemployed to look for work. That’s not credible.
They are not for the extension of benefits because “it will add to the deficit”. Imagine, these extremists are for spending $5 billion a month for war and keeping the trillion-dollar tax cut for the rich in place but they say, “We can’t afford to help the unemployed”. That is a disgrace. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

This is what we are fighting against. The jobs movement, comrades, is key to defeating these ultra right stooges of the ultra rich. It will also help in the fight against racism and for immigrant rights because the key demand is government sponsored job creation.

A united fight for jobs requires unity not division.

The proposed job’s march on Washington in October 2nd will be a very important show of strength and a way to mobilize for the November elections.

The youth jobs movement can help unite and activate the powerful youth vote next November.

I tell you comrades; we have to work on this.

While we do that we have to revitalize the YCL and help it reach its potential. This country needs the Young Communist League.

Young people today are very progressive. With all the anti youth propaganda to the contrary, our Party is in praise of this generation of youth. There efforts made an historic contribution to the people’s victory in 2008. Their idealism, their hopes and dreams for a more democratic progressive future for our country naturally leads them to activism and to challenging capitalism.

The Pew Opinion Poll (May 4th of this year), which came out after the Rasmussen poll, found that 43% of Americans under 30 years old describe “capitalism” as positive but the same poll found that those who described “socialism” as positive also equaled 43%.

Despite living under capitalism all of their lives today’s US youth are divided on which system is more positive – capitalism or Socialism. So if I can use a sports metaphor, I guess when it comes to US youth, capitalism has no home court advantage over socialism. Charles Derber, sociology professor at Boston College in an article on the poll summed up the results as “We are moving towards an America that is either Center-Left or actually majoritarian socialist”.

This younger generation is for a more democratic, peaceful and just future and about half are positively inclined toward the socialist alternative. With that in mind I say there has got to be a real possibility of building a large, influential YCL.

Some are doubtful that we can actually build a large YCL in this country today. Well, I say the YCL of all the youth organizations in this country has the most sensible and credible program and approach to winning socialism. So is it possible to build the YCL, in our country today? I say, “si se puede”, “yes we can”!

With principled politics, an activist style, a youthful organizational and political approach, a large YCL can be built. We certainly have to fight for it and that means the party has to take youth work seriously and give its best effort in every district, to helping the YCL grow in influence and size. It is the main way the party carries out its work among youth. The point we want to make at this conference is the fight for youth jobs is key to making this happen.

This is why we are here this weekend and holding a short school next week. We want to get things rolling. We have to take this show on the road and put it on the Internet. Whatever it takes we have to bring the message of the YCL to 10’s of thousands of youth.

Every former youth leader whose here today will tell you that there have been lulls, ups and downs in the past and our experience shows that if the Party and the YCL together put their shoulders to the wheel, great things can and will happen. This is why we are here.

In the battle against the right danger, I think the tide is turning.
I have a feeling that things are not going to be so good for the right in the next election like most of the pundits are saying.

From the stimulus package to health care, the US Supreme Court nominees, the progressive upsurge after the racist Arizona anti immigrant. “Remember May Day”… the passage of the Wall Street reform bill yesterday was a big setback for the right and a victory for Main Street.

Critical sections of voters are starting to trend more against the Republicans. Their numbers are much worse then the Democrats and Obama. The NAACP’s call for the Tea Party to denounce the racism in their ranks is creating a new crisis for them. Frankly if the Democrats play hard ball like the NACCP and real numbers are put in the streets by labor and other mass movements the progressive forces have got the issues to set back the Republican/ultra right attacks even with their millions in right wing and corporate campaign funds.

The Tea Party is a collection of extreme right elements many of then mired in anti labor, racist, homophobic and anti immigrant chauvinism. They hate the elected government. If there is a historic reference, there ideology is kin to the ideology that brought us the Third Reich. Defeating them is the paramount challenge before us today. I am confident that the people will meet that challenge.

In that spirit I want to make a proposal.

Last week the police officer that murdered Oscar Grant on the Bart Station in Oakland Cal. was given a slap on the wrists for his act of cold-blooded murder. We are appalled and angered by what the courts did and we agree with Oscar’s mother who cried out at the press conference. “My son was murdered, my son was murdered” and “we want justice”!!

WE too want justice and that is what we are fighting for….
So, I propose that we dedicate this weekend’s conference to the memory of Oscar Grant and all the innocent youths whose precious lives were taken by this brutal, anti human system of capitalism and imperialism.

Remarks from the CPUSA National Conference on Youth, Chicago, 2010
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Remarks by John Bachtell to the CPUSA Conference on the Youth Generation, July 17-18, 2010, Chicago, IL.

We’re gathered here because the young generation, including among them our sons and daughters and grandchildren, is experiencing a profound multi-sided crisis that demands urgent action.

We’re here because the Party recognizes how essential youth are to the outcome of present and future struggles; for mobilizing to defeat the extreme right in the 2010 elections and confronting the economic crisis, deepening the reform process, for winning a socialist future.

We’re here because the Party has an essential role in helping the YCL to regain its footing and play an active and even leading role again among youth and students, in a period in which youth attitudes are changing markedly and open to progressive and radical alternatives.

We’re here because the YCL could not absolutely exist without the Party. And the future of the Party is in doubt without a growing YCL.

The YCL is going through a basic transition, with a new membership, including those joining on-line daily, and emerging new leaders. Without proper attention by the Party, nationally, in districts and clubs, it is no exaggeration to say the future of the YCL is at stake.

Our experience historically has been that with the proper attention and attitude, the YCL can rebound relatively quickly.

So, this conference comes at a great time. It’s a moment to renew our understanding and approach to the young generation and the YCL, and recommit to helping the YCL in every way possible to tackle this difficult, challenging, exciting period and thrive.

It’s a great time because there are so many signs today’s youth are developing profound new progressive attitudes that will impact politics for decades to come. These attitudes are developing in response to and as a part of the great labor led people’s upsurge against the ultra right, but also the new economic, social and political circumstances they are growing up in.

The changes are so progressive some have dubbed today’s youth, the “we generation,” embracing the “common good” and rejecting the tenants of right wing ideology.

Let’s paint a broad canvass of this generation.

The “we generation” is made up of youth born between 1978 and 2000, make up 95 million of the US population of 300 million, bigger than the 78 million baby boomers.

In 2008, they comprised 50 million eligible voters. By 2020, they will comprise 90 million voters representing almost 40% of the electorate.

Since 2006, the “we generation” or Millennial’ as they are also called, have been increasing their voter turnout markedly. In 2008 they were 20% of the vote, and increased turnout more than any other sector.

And vote they did. In 2006, 18-29 year olds voted 60-38% Democratic. In 2008, they voted 68 to 30 for Barack Obama. The youth were a key part of the coalition that elected Obama and gave the Democrats majorities in Congress. Youth were inspired by the Obama campaign, coming out in droves to volunteer and staff the operation across the country and cast their ballots.

Their orientation is also why Organizing For America is making the mobilization of the youth vote a top priority of its work this year.

Surveys show youth have widespread support for government action on jobs, more education funding, urgent action on the environment, changing US foreign policy, universal health care and regulation of the banks. They embrace social transformation on a grand scale.

Over 76% of youth think there should be a viable 3rd political party and an alternative to the two major parties. Thirty nine percent think of themselves as Independents, 36% Democrats and only 24% Republican.

The deep going economic crisis has shaken their confidence in capitalism. We are familiar by now with the Rasmussen and Gallup polls, which show that 45% and 50% respectively of today’s youth think socialism, however they conceive of it, is a better system than capitalism.

Youth are not just progressive oriented, but are more civic minded and politically engaged than previous generations. We saw all this on display in the US Social Forum in Detroit.

Each generation comes of age under a unique set of global, economic and political circumstances that shapes its outlook, mood and attitude. Distinct experiences are impacting them – they are growing up in a time of unparalleled economic hardship and environmental catastrophe.

This bleak outlook certainly gives rise to pessimism and cynicism among a section of youth. And yet Obama’s election has given many youth a sense of optimism despite the dismal economic and social prospects.

In painting the picture of this generation we see the gray hues of suffering and pain.

This is the first generation fully experiencing the decline of the US as a world power, and has grown up in an era of general economic decline in the living standards of their families and communities. They see the need for a new role for the US in the world.

This generation is experiencing the greatest gap in wealth of any generation in history.

The economic situation facing youth is dire, especially among African American and Latino and other oppressed youth. Forty-one% of children now live in low-income families. The special impact of racism has pushed 61% of African Americans, 62% of Latinos, 31% of Asians Americans and 57% of American Indian into low-income families.

The US poverty rate is the highest among developed nations. That includes 19% of children, including 35% of African American children.

Not only are substantial numbers of youth growing up in poverty, they are arriving at working age in an economic depression. Many face the prospect of a lifetime of joblessness, poverty and misery.

According to EPI, “Since the start of the recession in December 2007, young adults have attained the highest unemployment rate on record (since 1948). The unemployment rate for 16-24-year-old workers peaked in September 2009 at 19.2%— passing the peak rate of 19.0% from November 1982—and started 2010 at 18.9%.”

Twenty million 16-24 year olds are unemployed. African American unemployment is at 32.5%, followed by Latinos (24.2%), and then whites (15.2%).

In 2009 72% of all teens were unemployed in Illinois and only 83% in Chicago. A staggering 88% of African American teens were unemployed statewide and 85% in Chicago

Through the juvenile courts and criminal justice system, the US incarcerates more of its youth than any other country in the world.

There are some 5 million young people aged 16-24 who are out of work and out of school. They find themselves alienated from society that is undergoing a scientific and technological revolution that constantly requires higher levels of education and training.

There are 18.2 million students attending universities. Large numbers graduate from college into unemployment. They can’t find jobs in their chosen professions, must work part time and live at home.
In addition, students are accumulating sizeable debt loads from their education, which makes many “indentured servants” for life to the banks. In 2008 67% of students graduating from four-year colleges had student loan debts. The average debt is approximately $23,000.

This generation has had to endure the horror of widespread gun violence. Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among youth 10-24 years old. In Chicago over 30 public school students have died from gun violence each of the past 3 years. 15 youth are killed each day in US, 80% with firearms.
Youth, especially youth of color, are victims of police abuse. The killing of Oscar Grant and the stop, question, frisk tactics of the NYPD of 52,000 African American and Latino youth in 4 years, “criminalizing the entire generation”.

This generation has grown up in an era of a new qualitative degradation in our environment, the alarm over global climate change, the outright criminality of corporations like BP. They feel the urgency to act now.
The picture of this generation also has a full rainbow tapestry. This generation is the most racially and nationally diverse young generation in US history. In 2006, youth of color comprised almost 40% of the young generation. This year for the first time, the number of births of babies of color was a majority. By 2050, 50% of Americans will be of people of color. This is already giving youth a sense of diversity, lending to widespread anti-racist attitudes, multiracial unity and broader acceptance and appreciation of diversity and having an impact on the struggle against racism.

Gay and lesbian sexual orientation are accepted without prejudice widely.

Because of the Internet and immigration, this generation has a more “global perspective.”

The revolution in mass communications is having a profound impact on youth, shaping their social practice and interaction. Facebook and Myspace have become major outlets for political engagement. Two-thirds said they had a Facebook account, and 36% used Facebook to promote political candidates, ideas or events. Forty-five percent said they had read a political blog; 30 percent had forwarded a political video, etc.

Youth are cynical about government and corporate leaders, think they are often self-serving, and think government should do more.

This painting has some bold new strokes too.

This generation is growing up under a progressive labor movement that is actively reaching out to the youth. There are some 4.8 million workers in the leisure, hospitality and food service industries. And 3.9 million in retail trades. This motivated the AFL-CIO to organize the Young Workers Summit to organize young workers and change the image of trade unions among the youth.

The young generation is also experiencing a progressive labor movement and its leadership in many struggles. The labor movement is embracing the youth and seeks to specially organize them, including someone in their top leadership reaching out to them. They have set up a special program just for this purpose.

USWA President Leo Girard recently called upon youth to lead a new civil rights revolution on the jobs struggle. Girard said, “Sisters and brothers of the next generation, it’s time for a revolution. It’s time to stand up and be heard. It’s time to mobilize online and in the streets. Together, let’s tweet, Facebook and text. Let’s rally, vote and, where necessary, sit in. Let’s lead the civil rights movement 2.0.”

So what can the Party do and what can the Party and YCL do together?

Our starting point is the role of the CPUSA, and by inference the YCL. Our role is to help build the broad democratic movement for change and within that the organized might, influence and leadership of the working class, specifically organized labor. Our role is to identify the chief stages of struggle, the main obstacles to progress at each stage, today of course the struggle against the ultra right, and help to assembly the broad coalition of forces necessary to advance.

This is also done in unity with what we have identified as the other essential class and social or core forces – the racially and nationally oppressed communities and women.

Also among these essential core forces is the young generation. All of these core forces overlap and interpenetrate and influence each other.

A great challenge before the Party is to deepen its relationship to the youth on many fronts and levels. This includes on the most immediate political tasks, and to help deepen youth’s relationship to the working class and other core forces

The role of the Party is also to simultaneously build popular support for the ideas of socialism, the socialist current, and among the young generation in the “battle of ideas.” To chart the path forward that will result in “wresting by degrees” control by capital.

The Party does all this by working shoulder to shoulder with the YCL on all the main struggles of the day. The Party also takes its own independent initiatives to influence the youth.

For example, shouldn’t we seek to involve youth in the 2010 election coalition? Help them set up OFA chapters on campuses, and be involved in targeted campaigns through their unions and other organizations?

Shouldn’t we work to bring youth into the developing jobs coalitions that are springing up around the country?

Shouldn’t we help organize broad support for youth oriented legislation, including for jobs, education funding, etc. ?

Shouldn’t we work jointly together to increase the mass circulation of the People’s World/Mundo Popular? Isn’t our news source also great for the young generation? What can we do to make it even more attractive to youth?

The YCL should be the place leading young communists learn their trade and develop their world outlook: the organization and vehicle from which they can most effectively engage and influence their peers.

The YCL is especially needed because youth have a need for their own forms and “path” to a socialist outlook, forms and a language they and their peers understand.

The YCL, like the Party, is an indispensable and unique organization to the working class and people’s movement. YCLers describe it as a “schoolhouse of struggle.”

The way we conceive it, the YCL should and can play a vital role in uniting the youth and uniting the young generation with labor and the other core forces through its initiatives and action.

The YCL also plays an indispensable role in building the left and communist current among the youth, in developing the forms and activities where youth can be learn Marxism.

It’s an organization where youth can fully embrace their incredible diversity, learn working class and revolutionary morals, treat each other as equals, strengthen their defenses against racism, male supremacy and anti-gay bias.

Another great challenge for the Party then is to help build the YCL into an organization and movement with a mass following among youth.

What kind of organization and movement is up to the YCL and will result from its day-to-day activities. It is determined by the material conditions and the needs of young people. It will not be and cannot be the same kind of organization that the older generations were schooled in, fell in love in, and got married in, including my generation. It must be specifically for, by and about this “we” generation, with its own stamp.

For example, how is the YCL being shaped by the Internet and mass communication revolution? How can the YCL and we utilize the Internet to reach and engage a far greater audience of youth, the 50% who believe socialism is the future?

The Party not only gives a political lead, but also provides a wealth of experience and Marxist education for developing the YCL membership and those around it. Districts and clubs give practical assistance and mentoring to establish and build YCL grassroots organizations and become engaged in coalition struggles.

The young generation has only known the Internet and the revolution in mass communications. It is as natural to them. The potential for reaching youth with our ideas is greater than ever before, and we can do it easily and inexpensively if we (and the YCL) master the use of the Internet.

The communist youth movement will the forms of communication it has grown up with and adopted naturally: social networking and particularly video, audio and digital forms; a streaming radio or video production must replace concept Dynamic; in fact with radio or video production all aspects of the YCL movement can proceed within a single enterprise: educational, organizational, political.

The Party would be remiss if we didn’t do everything we could in this moment to reach out and engage the youth with our ideas. We would be equally remiss if we didn’t take steps to build the YCL.

Can we assist the YCL in developing its mass communications platform?

Can we organize schools for youth in cities across the country, jointly organized by the National Party, Districts and the YCL?

Can we continue to organize a Party speaking tour on campuses across the country?

Together we can ensure this young generation takes its rightful place in history and helps advance the working class and people’s movement on the road to socialism.

YCLUSA Houston e-mail address
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The e-mail address for the Young Communist League USA Houston is

Constitution of the Young Communist League
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The Young Communist League (YCL) is an independent mass public organization of young people in the United States. The YCL is devoted to the interests of all young people and is dedicated to the revolutionary cause of the working class of our country, the transformation of the United States through mass democratic struggle into a socialist society.

We try to develop communist, working-class political and moral convictions in our members and assist them in becoming militant fighters for the rights of the people and youth.

We teach our members to work and struggle together collectively, to reject the abuse of drugs and alcohol, to fight for the equality of all young people, against racism and discrimination.

Our task is to help our members become Communists. We learn to struggle through studying Marxism-Leninism and active participation in day to day struggles of the working people and youth for a better life.

Our League promotes social, recreational and cultural activities among young people. The promotion of working class culture and the development of recreational and social activities that advance youth unity and struggle are an essential feature of our activity.

We strive to promote youth\’s understanding that the working class is the only class capable of leading the people against big business to socialism. The YCL develops a feeling of loyalty to the working class among young people. The object of all activities of the League is to build the unity of the young generation with the working class in the struggle for peace, full employment, complete equality, trade union and democratic rights.

The Young Communist League recognizes the Communist Party, USA as the political party of the socialism in our country. We enjoy political and ideological guidance from the Communist Party. Our League works in unity and cooperation with the Communist Party for the immediate and ultimate interests of the working people and youth.

Young Communists promote the unity of young people of our country with the peoples and youth of all countries. Our League promotes working class internationalism. We are proud of our relationship with the international youth and student movement.

Young Communists want a secure and peaceful future. The Young Communist League stands with all young people in the struggle to realize their highest aspirations: to live in peace and freedom, to work and love, to create and celebrate.

Socialism will bring these aspirations to life. In a socialist US, where monopoly corporations no longer dominate the economic and political life, society\’s highest priority will be the well being of the people. Only by eliminating capitalism and the evils that grow out of it, racism, discrimination, sexism, class exploitation, poverty and war, will the rights of young people be fully guaranteed.

Socialism will guarantee every young person the right to a job, free public education, and the ability of all to reach their fullest potential. By eliminating private profit, socialism will end forever the exploitation of one human being by another.

For these reasons the Young Communist League, USA is constituted and establishes the basic rules of its organization in the following constitution.

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Young Communist League of the United States of America.

Article II: Principles of Organization

Section 1
The principle of organization of the YCL is based on what is called Democratic Centralism. Democratic-Centralism means that decisions are arrived at only after the widest possible discussion by the membership. After such discussion a decision is arrived at and all members strive to carry out the decision.

Section 2
Should any member, club, or committee of the YCL disagree with a decision, appeal may be made to the next highest body. The decision may be reopened and rediscussed. Appeal may be made to each higher body up to and including the National Convention. The decision of the Convention, which is the highest body of the YCL, is final.

Section 3
After discussion in any club, committee, or convention, decisions are to be reached by majority vote.

Section 4
Elections of leadership are by secret ballot.

Section 5
Each body of the YCL shall elect from among its members a leadership collective which shall be responsible to that body.

Section 6
Every person who wishes to be a delegate to the convention, elected to any position of leadership in the club, state committee or National Council, must be a member of the YCL in good standing.

Section 7
Each body is subordinate to the next higher body: the Club to the state committee; the National Council to the convention. Where there are conflicting decisions, the decision of the higher body shall prevail.

Section 8
The YCL shall establish a press to make its views known and it shall be the duty of the members, clubs, state and national organization to circulate and financially support the press.

Article III. Membership

Section 1
The YCL is a voluntary organization. Any young person in the United States who is at least 14 years old is welcome to become a member. Special exceptions for persons under 14 years may be made by the club or the next highest body.

Section 2
All members shall belong to a club or organizing committee or work with the next highest body where local level organizations do not exist. All members shall be encouraged to participate in activities. All members shall pay dues.

Section 3
All members should strive to carry out the aims and objectives of the YCL in the course of everyday activity. This includes both within the YCL organization and in personal life.

Article IV: Structure

Section 1
The basic unit of the YCL will be the club. There will be four kinds of clubs: neighborhood, school, workplace, and interest.

Section 2
Each club shall elect at least the following officers: coordinator, educational coordinator and treasurer. Additional positions may be added if necessary. One person may assume more than one position.

Section 3
Clubs shall organize social, cultural, sports and recreational activities for its members and beyond.

Section 4
Clubs shall set up educational programs.

Section 5
Clubs shall collect dues and initiate fundraising activities to support the YCL

Section 6
Each club shall decide on an area of concentration in which to do its work. This may be a particular neighborhood, campus, high school, workplace, or area of interest.

Section 7
The National Council and state committees may set up organizing committees for the purpose of establishing state or club organizations.

Section 8
State organizations may be established by the National Council. State organizations shall consist of all clubs and members in a particular state.

Section 9
The highest body in the state will be the state convention, to be held once every two years before the National Convention.

Section 10
The state convention will elect a state committee to carry out work between conventions.

Section 11
The state committee will meet at least twice a year.

Section 12
The state committee shall elect officers and establish committees.

Article V: National Organization

Section 1
The highest authority of the YCL is the National Convention. The National Convention shall be held every two years, or as deemed necessary by the National Council. Delegates to the National Convention shall be determined on the basis of guidelines set by the National Council. Any member wishing to be elected as a delegate to the National Convention must be a YCL member for a minimum of 3 months and in good standing.

Section 2
Prior to the National Convention, a pre-convention discussion period will be held.

Section 3
Each National Convention shall determine the numbers of members on the National Council. When considerations are made for the National Council representation of working youth, racially and nationally oppressed youth, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer youth, and young women will be guaranteed.

Section 4
Election to the National Council shall be by secret ballot.

Section 5
Vacancies in the National Council shall be filled by a majority vote of its membership.

Section 6
The National Council shall be responsible for establishing state organizations and for implementing the decisions of the National Convention. Decisions of the National Council shall apply to all members and organizations of the YCL.

Section 7
The National Council shall elect from its membership an executive committee, officers, and any other bodies it deems necessary, all of which are responsible to it.

Section 8
The National Council shall meet at least twice a year.

Section 9
The National Council shall make reports of its meetings available to the membership.

Section 10
Between conventions, the National Council is responsible for enforcing the constitution and is the highest body in the YCL.

Section 11
Organization-wide referendums are provided for the membership to be polled on major policy questions. Referendums are to initiated by majority vote of the National Council. Once a referendum is presented to the membership, a six-week discussion period will ensue. Results of the referendum are to be tallied by a committee selected by the National Council.

Article VI: Initiation Fee and Dues

Section 1
The initiation fee shall be $1.00, which is to be sent to the office of the National Council.

Section 2
The yearly dues shall be $12.00 for high school age and unemployed youth and $24.00 for all others, which is to be sent to the national office.

Article VII: Evaluation and Appeal

Section 1
The status of any member or officer of the YCL may be subject to review for action contrary to the principles on which the YCL is founded. This applies to financial irregularities, to racism and religious discrimination, discrimination against women, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and strikebreaking.

Section 2
Review of a member or officer should be made by the club or the next highest body. An evaluation committee should be established by the club or body. The committee should review the situation and make recommendations to the club.

Section 3
Any member who is to be reviewed must be so informed.

Section 4
After hearing the recommendation of the evaluation committee the club or body can make a decision by two-thirds vote on disciplinary action. Disciplinary action can consist of reprimand, educational task, suspension, or expulsion.

Section 5
All decisions are subject to review automatically by the next highest body.

Article VIII: Affiliations

Groups organized around cultural, social, sports and educational interests that wish to associate themselves and their work with the YCL may become affiliate organizations. Affiliation will be decided by majority vote of a club or state organization. The yearly affiliation fee will be determined by a vote in the club, based on whether the groups wishing to affiliate are able to pay the suggested fee of $5.00

Article IX: Amendment

This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of any regular or special National Convention, or by two-thirds vote of the National Council. This vote must be preceded by a three-month discussion period.

Article X: Authority

The Young Communist League is not responsible for any political document, policy, book, article, or any other expression of political opinion except such as are issued by the authority of the National Conventions and the regularly constituted leadership of the League.