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Plane Used by Guaido’s Negotiating Team for Barbados Talks Also Carried Moïse’s Assassins – Report
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When news broke that Haitian President Jovenel Moïse had been killed by a hit squad, analysts quickly drew parallels to the 2020 “Bay of Piglets” attempt to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by hired mercenaries, and revelations by Haitian police that many of the accused men hailed from Colombia only hardened those suspicions.

According to a report by Venezuelan television network La Iguana, the same private jet used to transport some of the hit squad that killed Haitian President Jovenel Moïse earlier this month was also used to transport Venezuelan self-declared interim president Juan Guaido to negotiations.

The aircraft in question is a Cessna Citation Mustang four-seater small business jet with the tail number HI949. Back on May 15, 2020, when the aircraft took off from Maquietta, Venezuela, the aircraft tracking service AeroNoticiasVE noted on Twitter that the same aircraft had transported Guado’s team to Barbados in September 2019 for peace talks with representatives from the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who Guaido has attempted to overthrow.

​This aircraft, it was reported, also transported three alleged members of the commando unit that shot to death Moïse and injured his wife, Martine, early on the morning of July 7 in their home on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. One of them was allegedly Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who Haitian National Police (PNH) have said was the mastermind behind the assassination plot.

The aircraft is owned by Helidosa, an airline in the Dominican Republic. CEO Alex Castillo said in a statement obtained by Haiti Libre that the three passengers “passed all the immigration controls in the airports by which they left and entered and that his company had no means of establishing that those who used his services had criminal ends,” according to the outlet.

 “We are not a security agency, or an investigative agency to be able to know it,” Castillo said. He revealed that his airline was also responsible for transporting Martine Moïse to Florida for treatment after the attack, as well as for transporting former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Cuba last month for emergency COVID-19 treatment. He noted the company has 15 planes and 24 helicopters.

However, this isn’t the first connection between the assassination plot and the Venezuelan opposition: Venezuelan National Assembly Speaker Jorge Rodriguez said last week that CTU Security, the mercenary group allegedly contracted for the hit job, was also behind the 2018 attempt to assassinate Maduro with exploding drones during a speech. He added that it was also connected to the 2020 attempt by Silvercorp mercenaries from the US to kidnap Maduro, which was paid for by Guaido’s US-backed ersatz government.

The PNH says they have arrested 20 men connected to the assassination plot, 18 of whom are Colombian and two of whom are Americans. Many of the Colombians have been confirmed to be former military personnel, some of whom received training from the US military as part of their service, while one of the Americans was a former informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), a federal police agency that also works extensively in Colombia.

On Monday, Claude Joseph, the former acting prime minister who was nonetheless recognized as the de facto leader of Haiti by the United Nations and the US after Moïse’s killing, announced he would step aside in favor of Ariel Henry, who Moïse appointed to replace Joseph just a day before the assassination. Thus, the new government will have a prime minister, but no president until the elections scheduled for later this year.

While in power, Joseph appealed to the US and UN for troops to defend the country’s vital infrastructure, but so far those requests have been denied, in part because of their lack of specificity. However, the US has sent some federal police officials to evaluate how the US can help the investigation.

For months before Moïse’s death, millions of Haitians had been protesting in the streets in spite of deadly police and gang violence, demanding that Moïse step aside in line with a Superior Court ruling that his presidential term had expired. Moïse had ruled by decree since early 2020 after allowing most of parliament’s terms to expire without calling new elections and had planned a new constitutional referendum that critics said aimed to cement his hold on power. Despite this, the US and Organization of American States Core Group continued in their support for Moïse.

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Saturday’s Patriot Front marchers in Philadelphia were forced into a hasty retreat by angry local residents.

The young fascists of Patriot Front stepped up their gathering campaign to grab public attention this past holiday weekend by organizing a march of uniformed members through downtown Philadelphia on Saturday. And while their secretive organization managed to catch everyone in the city by surprise, the whole affair rapidly disintegrated into a humiliating debacle.

A handful of counterprotesters began amassing about three blocks into the march and forced the Patriot Front marchers—about 200 strong—to retreat to the safety of the rental trucks that brought them. As they attempted to flee, Philadelphia police pulled over the trucks and began handcuffing the men.

“They started engaging with citizens of Philadelphia, who were none too happy about what they were saying. These males felt threatened, and, at one point, somebody in their crowd threw a type of smoke bomb to cover their retreat, and they literally ran away from the people of Philadelphia,” Philadelphia Police Officer Michael Crum told WPVI-TV.

During the short-lived march, the Patriot Front group—who appear to have been comprised of men from outside the state—chanted “Reclaim America!” and “The election was stolen!”

All of them wore white cowl masks covering the lower portion of their faces and were attired in matching khaki pants and blue tops. As they marched outside Philadelphia City Hall, pedestrians began confronting them.

Eventually, brawls erupted, and some of the small shields the men carried were wrested from their grasp and thrown back at them as they fled. A local activist, Abdul-Aily Muhammad, told the Inquirer that  the men began tossing smoke bombs and, under cover of the smoke, hit and kicked counterprotesters, and said he had been hit in the knee with a shield.

“They were prepared. They were hitting people. … Trying to get behind you in a group, “ Muhammad said. “Trying to get alongside of you. Trying to separate people.”

They eventually retreated into a defensive stack formation at the site of the rental trucks in which they had arrived, but the onrushing crowd forced them to break into a panicked rush to get into the trucks, while brawls continued to erupt at their rear.

The trucks pulled away, but were soon stopped by Philadelphia police, who ordered the men out of the trucks and onto the nearby sidewalk. Several were handcuffed and detained, but police did not announce any arrests.

In a statement the next day, Mayor Jim Kenney said he was “personally appalled and disgusted” that Patriot Front marched through Center City. “White supremacy and racism are among the greatest scourges this country has faced since its founding,” Kenney said. “While we respect everyone’s right to exercise free speech, our administration stands against everything these groups represent.”

Shira Goodman of the Anti-Defamation League’s Philadelphia chapter told the Inquirer Patriot Front has recently embarked on an aggressive propaganda campaign, which includes posting stickers and fliers, handing out leaflets, and spraying graffiti throughout the Philadelphia suburbs and Lehigh Valley. As Saturday’s march manifested, the group has become skilled at organizing flash mob-like meetings featuring members in uniform that then become recruiting videos on social media.

Patriot Front extremists have been busily defacing monuments to African Americans, particularly memorials to George Floyd in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, as well as a bust of a Black explorer with the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Portland, Oregon. The first such attack occurred in Philadelphia’s Olney neighborhood, when vandals covered a mural dedicated to George Floyd with white paint, and then spray-painted stencils featuring Patriot Front logos and slogans over the white paint.

“It’s like they’re saying ‘We’re here. We’re nearby,’” Goodman said Sunday. “The danger is always there. We know these groups have become more emboldened in recent years, and that things that have been in the shadows of the internet have come off-line.”

Philly resident Eric Gilde told the Inquirer that he noticed the group while walking home from dinner with family members, and initially mistook them for a Fourth of July celebration. Then he heard their chants of “Take America Back.”

“It felt like they were marching in a very energized way,” Gilde said. “I saw nothing violent, but I feel like you could tell that there was a lot of aggression behind what they were doing, and I was happy that we were not close to them.”

Gilde and his family veered clear of the marchers and hurried home.

“There were women walking a dog that we were chatting with immediately afterward, and they kind of had the same sense of ‘Oh, it does suddenly feel a little less safe right now,’” he said.

Liberals aghast as American TV news host says ‘traitors’ who stole election from Trump can face ‘execution’
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Liberals aghast as American TV news host says ‘traitors’ who stole election from Trump can face ‘execution’

Liberals aghast as American TV news host says ‘traitors’ who stole election from Trump can face ‘execution’
One America News (OAN) host Pearson Sharp triggered plenty of Donald Trump critics when he argued on the network that thousands were behind a “coup” against the former president and should be possibly executed.

During a segment discussing the 2020 presidential election on OAN, known for being a heavily conservative network, Sharp implied there were thousands involved in “undermining the election” and branded them “traitors.”

He started by saying there were “widespread problems with voter integrity” in the election. Officially, these claims are denied over lack of evidence. Sharp then discussed potential multiple state audits of election results and asked what will happen in the end to those “responsible for overthrowing the election?”

ALSO ON RT.COMGiuliani’s law license suspended in New York over claims about Trump, 2020 election“When all the dust settles from the audit in Arizona and the potential audits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin, what happens to all these people who are responsible for overthrowing the election?” Sharp then asked. “What are the consequences for traitors who meddled with our sacred democratic process and tried to steal power by taking away the voices of the American people? What happens to them?”

Sharp then offered up an answer himself, one that triggered moral outrage as the clip spread across social media.

“Well, in the past, America had a very good solution for dealing with such traitors: Execution,” Sharp said.

The host went on to accuse “foreign governments,” including China and Pakistan, of “meddling” in the last US presidential election, making anyone involved in alleged fraud a traitor, “the highest of all crimes.”

“This would seem to violate a stack of Title 18 provisions against threats towards government officials,” liberal pundit Keith Olbermann, also known for employing rather extreme rhetoric, tweeted on Friday in reaction to the clip of Sharp, going on to say the Justice Department should be investigating the television host.

Critics not only slammed Sharp, but also used his comments as ammunition to attack other supporters of Trump and his right-leaning network.

Some went as far as branding OAN a “threat to democracy” and calling on advertisers to boycott.

Sharp defended his comments, saying he was not calling for mass executions, but again calling anyone involved in election fraud a “traitor,” a crime punishable by death.

“Neither myself, nor OAN is ‘embracing executing thousands of people,’” Sharp told Talking Points Memo in a statement. “OAN is simply pointing out that if election fraud is proven, then it could very well constitute treason. And according to our laws, treason is punishable by death.”

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‘Heir of Nazis’: Belarus’ Lukashenko blasts German foreign minister over call for sanctions on eve of Hitler invasion anniversary
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‘Heir of Nazis’: Belarus’ Lukashenko blasts German foreign minister over call for sanctions on eve of Hitler invasion anniversary

‘Heir of Nazis’: Belarus’ Lukashenko blasts German foreign minister over call for sanctions on eve of Hitler invasion anniversary
Amid a growing row with the EU over the grounding of a passenger jet carrying an opposition activist last month, Belarus’ bombastic leader has launched a new attack on Germany, comparing its sanctions policy to its role in WWII.

Speaking at an event being held to mark the 80th anniversary of the Third Reich’s invasion of the Soviet Union, veteran leader Alexander Lukashenko raged about the West’s response to the incident. Between a quarter and a third of Belarusians are estimated to have died during WWII, the worst proportionate death toll of any country.

Lukashenko, who has faced long-running protests after declaring victory in last year’s disputed presidential election, claimed that sanctions imposed since were part of the West’s “hybrid war” against the nation.

“We did not expect Germany’s participation in this collective conspiracy,” he said. “From those whose ancestors destroyed not only every third Belarusian, but also millions of unborn children in the Great Patriotic War.” He argued that Germany’s foreign policy should be dictated by remorse for WWII, rather than seeking confrontation.

ALSO ON RT.COM‘Bomb scare’ forces Ryanair jet to make emergency landing in Belarus, authorities detain wanted editor of banned Telegram channelFocusing his ire on Berlin’s foreign minister, Heiko Maas, who this week called for additional economic sanctions to be imposed, Lukashenko asked “Who are you? A repentant German … or the heir of the Nazis?”

Belarus was rocked by demonstrations in the wake of last August’s election, which the opposition and many international observers say was rigged. Tens of thousands took to the streets to demand a fresh vote, but they were met with a police crackdown, tear gas, and mass arrests.

Last month, a Ryanair plane flying between Athens and Vilnius was instructed to land in the Belarusian capital, Minsk. Once on the ground, authorities arrested the editor of an opposition Telegram channel banned in the country, Roman Protasevich, and his Russian-citizen girlfriend, activist Sophia Sapega.

Western governments have blasted the move as “state-sponsored piracy,” and the EU has since begun barring Belarus’ national carrier, Belavia, from its airspace. A number of Western carriers now also use routes that circumnavigate the Eastern European country, while Brussels is reportedly mulling further sanctions.

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80 years after Nazi invasion of USSR, Ukraine’s main opposition party asks Kiev to finally clamp down on neo-Nazi organizations
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80 years after Nazi invasion of USSR, Ukraine’s main opposition party asks Kiev to finally clamp down on neo-Nazi organizations

80 years after Nazi invasion of USSR, Ukraine's main opposition party asks Kiev to finally clamp down on neo-Nazi organizations
On the 80th anniversary of the start of Operation Barbarossa, the German-led WW2 military invasion of the Soviet Union, Ukraine’s leading opposition party has demanded that authorities in Kiev finally ban neo-Nazi organizations.

In a statement published on its website on Tuesday, the Opposition Platform – For Life party also asked the Ukrainian government to stop “rewriting history.”

Back in April, Ukrainian nationalists held a march in the center of Kiev to mark the anniversary of the creation of the SS Galicia during World War II. The SS division was made up predominantly of Ukrainian volunteers who took up arms for Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union, and who mainly fought against local partisans. The unit was almost wiped out in the 1944 Battle of Lvov–Sandomierz, and later saw action in Slovakia and Austria. In 1945, it rebranded as the Ukrainian National Army and lasted until the end of the war in May that year.

ALSO ON RT.COMUkrainian far-right nationalists stage march in center of Kiev to mark 77th anniversary of WWII Nazi military division SS GaliciaThe march in Kiev was condemned by officials from Russia, Germany, and Israel, amongst others.

At the time, Opposition Platform asked the government for a “tough reaction,” noting that the traditional WWII Victory Day parade was banned, due to Covid-19 restrictions, but the SS Galicia parade wasn’t.

“On this Day of Mourning and Remembrance of Victims of War, we do not expect fake lamentations from the authorities,” the Opposition Platform statement explains. “We demand prohibition and persecution for all neo-Nazi organizations, an end to the glorification of Nazi collaborators and an end to the rewriting of history. An end to the policy of ethnic and cultural discrimination.”

In Ukraine, as well as in Russia and other former Soviet states, June 22 is considered a Memorial Day. On this date in 1941, a coalition led by Nazi Germany began attacking the Soviet Union, in a five-month-long offensive that saw millions of Soviet citizens killed. By the end of the Second World War, in 1945, the country had lost an estimated 27 million people.

The Germans were joined in the invasion by their Italian, Hungarian, Slovak, Finnish and Romanian allies.

“The crimes of the Nazis cost the world tens of millions of lives and broken lives. Ukraine lost one out of every five inhabitants,” the statement adds.

“The Nazi tumor was cut from the body of humanity. It seemed to everyone to be forever. Never again will we hear nonsense about the superiority of certain nations over others,” it continues. “[However], the metastases remained.”

Opposition Platform – For Life is Ukraine’s largest opposition party. In recent months, the country’s authorities have cracked down on the faction, which draws much of its support from Russian speakers in the east and south of the country and has advocated a less confrontational approach to Moscow than the one pursued by authorities in Kiev since the Maidan.

In May, the party’s leader Viktor Medvedchuk was charged with “high treason” and stands accused of handing over classified information to Moscow. Prosecutors also say he has colluded with the Russian government to steal natural resources from Crimea. He denies all charges, calling them politically motivated. He is currently under house arrest.


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Unrecognized Donbass republic claims ‘irrefutable evidence’ that Belarusian activist Protasevich fought for neo-Nazi battalion
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Unrecognized Donbass republic claims ‘irrefutable evidence’ that Belarusian activist Protasevich fought for neo-Nazi battalion

Unrecognized Donbass republic claims ‘irrefutable evidence’ that Belarusian activist Protasevich fought for neo-Nazi battalion
Prosecutors in the self-proclaimed Lugansk Republic (LNR) have accused Roman Protasevich, the activist who was arrested when his plane was forced to land in Minsk last month, of being part of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

The LNR is an unrecognized state located in Ukraine, and has existed since the 2014 war in Donbass, when separatists unilaterally declared independence from Kiev. Founded in 2014, the Azov Battalion is an ultra-right military unit now incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine, and is loyal to Kiev.

On Wednesday, LNR Prosecutor General Sergey Gorenko claimed that he had obtained evidence that Protasevich had taken part in the Donbass war on the side of Ukraine, fighting for the neo-Nazi militia.

Azov fought during the height of the Donbass war, first seeing action at the Battle of Mariupol. The group is heavily linked to neo-Nazi ideology, with the regiment’s logo featuring the Wolfsangel, a symbol of many divisions of the Nazi German Army during World War II. Joining the Azov Battalion is illegal in Donbass, as well as in Belarus.

ALSO ON RT.COMBelarusian opposition decry state TV interview with ‘hostage’ Protasevich as jailed activist voices fear of extradition to Donbass“Republican law enforcement managed to obtain sufficient irrefutable evidence of the involvement of the figure in the activities of the nationalist pro-Ukrainian ‘Azov’ group, which is banned in the LNR,” the prosecutor general said in a statement.

As reported earlier this month, LNR officials have already requested his extradition.

Protasevich, the editor of the opposition-aligned Belamova Telegram channel, classed by officials in Belarus as an ‘extremist organization’, was arrested in May after his Ryanair flight from Greece to Lithuania was forced by Minsk to land in the Belarusian capital due to a supposed bomb threat. However, Swiss provider Proton Mail later claimed that the warning was sent via email after the plane had already diverted, contradicting Belarusian authorities.

ALSO ON RT.COMRyanair plane may have landed in Minsk due to fake bomb threat by angry opposition colleague, says Belarusian activist ProtasevichShortly after his arrest, so-called evidence was later produced about Protasevich’s service in Donbass. The activist has previously admitted to spending time in the area as a journalist, even noting that he was once shot. However, he denies joining the battalion as a soldier.

This was later backed up by former Azov commander Andrey Biletsky.

“He was with us near Shirokino, where he was injured,” he explained“But his weapon, as a journalist, was not a machine gun, but words.”

Later, however, an old interview of his father was discovered, in which he revealed that Protasevich “fought” in Donbass. Photos later emerged of someone who looks like Protasevich holding a gun and wearing a uniform.

There is also no record of him producing any journalism while he was in the region and attached to the battalion.

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Glory to Ukraine Zeros!
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The clowns in the Western-backed Kiev regime excel at least at one thing. Political slapstick. Every time President Volodymyr Zelensky – a former TV comedian – and his regime make an announcement it’s like watching clowns slapping cream cakes into their own faces.

The latest gaffe is the unveiling of Ukraine’s national football kit for the UEFA European Championship, which is emblazoned with a Nazi-era slogan: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!”

The soccer tournament kicks off this week and lasts for a month drawing in global TV audiences who will no doubt be given something to think about regarding Ukraine’s dark and dirty past as a Nazi accomplice. And that past is very much alive in the present as demonstrated by the new football kit and its “Glory to Heroes” slogan. How the Western supporters of the Kiev regime must be cringing.

This was the rallying call of the Ukrainian paramilitaries led by Stepan Bandera who collaborated with the Nazi SS during to the Second World War to exterminate millions of their compatriots as well as Russian people.

The slogan was revived by the Neo-Nazi militants who seized power in Kiev in 2014 after a violent coup d’état against an elected president who had maintained friendly relations with Russia. The coup was crucially backed by the United States and European Union. Indeed, the CIA is implicated in the false-flag sniper shootings against scores of protesters and police officers in Maidan Square on February 20, 2014, which were blamed on the incumbent government, and the event as falsely reported by Western media was pivotal in overthrowing the existing authorities.


Thus the Western powers, who constantly proclaim to uphold democracy and rule of law, helped bring back fascism to the European continent through their support for the Kiev regime.

And no wonder the ethnic Russian people of Crimea subsequently voted to secede and join the Russian Federation in the weeks after the coup that brought Banderites to power. Crimean people suffered terribly under the Nazis and their Ukrainian death squads. The same goes for the people of Ukraine’s southeast Donbas region around Donetsk and Luhansk who have refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Kiev imposters and have established their own autonomous republics. The breakaway republics are constantly shelled by Kiev’s military in violation of a supposed ceasefire.

Western governments turn reality on its head and accuse Moscow of “annexing” Crimea – an ancient part of Russia that voted democratically in a referendum to join the Russian Federation. The West also accuses Russia of covertly invading and destabilizing Ukraine when it is Washington that has supplied the Kiev regime with over $2 billion in arms since 2014 and NATO troops are actively collaborating on the ground with Ukrainian forces in their offensive against the people of Donbas.

The Western media have assiduously avoided reporting on the stark reality of Neo-Nazi ideology popular among Kiev’s politicians and its various military formations. The Azov Battalion is openly a modern-day reincarnation of the Ukrainian fascists who glory in Nazi past crimes. But Western media never report on these sordid links of a regime supported by the United States, the EU and NATO.

However, embarrassingly for the Western patrons, the Kiev clowns just put their faces into foam cake by unveiling a football kit that makes the Nazi legacy explicit to a global audience.

This is just the latest example of how the bozos in Kiev can’t help falling over themselves with their own stupid logic and arrogance.

Take another: the reason why Kiev says the Nord Stream 2 project should be stopped. This is the pipeline under the Baltic Sea supplying natural gas from Russia directly to Germany, thereby reducing the dependence on Ukraine as a transit route for the fuel.

A road sign directs traffic towards the Nord Stream 2 gas line landfall facility entrance in Lubmin, north eastern Germany, on September 7, 2020.
A road sign directs traffic towards the Nord Stream 2 gas line landfall facility entrance in Lubmin, north eastern Germany, on September 7, 2020.

President Zelensky made the absurd remark recently with a straight face that reduced transit fees paid by Russia would prevent the Kiev regime from maintaining its armed forces. The intended implication being that Ukraine would be under-defended against alleged “Russian aggression”.

It doesn’t get more ludicrous than that. The Kiev regime that the West installed in 2014 has done everything to impede the regular flow of gas from Russia to Europe. That’s because of its monopolistic position of having pipelines across its territory to Europe and also because of its anti-Russian hostile ideology. Now that Russia has legitimately reduced its dependence on the Ukrainian land route by opening up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the Kiev regime is complaining about losing out on billions of dollars worth of transit fees.

And then, twisting the cream cake on his face, Zelensky is further claiming that the financial loss will curtail spending on Ukraine’s army and Neo-Nazi paramilitaries who are relentlessly shelling the Donbas region and thwarting any possibility of finding a peaceful settlement to the seven-year civil war.

Kiev’s comedian-turned-president wants Russian money to fund aggression against ethnic Russian people, and to continue a conflict that is endangering peace in Europe.

Who needs smart Russian “propaganda”, when the West and its circus troupe is so self-indicting?

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