Trump and the Coronavirus

by J. Thompson

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! (Walter Scott) Something wicked this Way comes. (Ray Bradbury)

The coronavirus is on everyone’s mind these days. The MSM reports a number of talking points which are generally accepted to be the truth. Let’s look at what we know to date.

This week it was reported that in 2018 President Trump reduced funding for Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control and eliminated jobs on the Security Council which were devoted to preparing for and responding to pandemics. Most authorities and experts agree that if the coronavirus is not a pandemic, it will be soon. Did Trump know something that the rest of us did not know in 2018? Was his decision made on the basis of upper-class greed and contempt for working people or was it something more sinister?

It appears that China and Iran are the hardest hit countries by this virus. It has been reported that at least 210 people in Iran have died. Apparently, their health minister and vice president have been infected. Many people have died in China and other Asian countries. China and Iran have been two of Trump’s main targets in terms of tariffs and other diplomatic blunders.

Yesterday, Trump opined about the virus. He said that it would be like a miracle and it would just go away. Was he making fun of religious people who believe in miracles?

Meanwhile, he put a gag on his administration and commanded that no government official release any information about the virus unless approved by Vice President Pence. Pence has recently been criticized for opposing drug programs in Indiana because he believed that they would encourage drug abuse. Some may wonder if Mr. Pence believes that treatment for the virus would encourage people to contract the virus.

Do these cretins not understand that the wealthy and powerful have no immunity to the virus?