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There’s a common enemy both in Greece and Turkey: NATO, governments, and capitalism. Socialism is the future!
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There’s a common enemy both in Greece and Turkey: NATO, governments, and capitalism. Socialism is the future!

The 30th anti-imperialist two-day camp of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) took place in Mitilini between 11 and 13 July 2021 and was attended by thousands of young people from all over the country, observing all necessary safety protocols to address the pandemic.

Delegations from the Communist Party of Turkey and the Communist Youth of Turkey also participated in the camp.



From the heart of the Aegean, where imperialist conflicts meet and the refugees’ dramatic situation is unfolding, thousands of campers send a message against imperialist US–NATO–EU plans that massacre the peoples.

Young men and women from all over Greece took a rest with songs, theatrical plays, sport competitions, and cultural events. They stood up against the nationalism and the cosmopolitanism of the capital, the communicating vessels to promote capitalist interests, sending a message of internationalism, of joint action and coordination with the Turkish people.

This year’s anti-imperialist two-day camp highlighted the necessity of the peoples’ struggle against the imperialist plans and the interests of the bourgeois classes, in the path of peace and friendship among the people, which is the path of socialism. Only by following this path, the path of struggle for workers’ power in every country will the preconditions for true peace and prosperity of the peoples be formed.


The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, and the GS of the CC of the CP of Turkey, Kemal Okuyan, extended a greeting to the central political event. The central speech was given by Nikos Ambatielos, Secretary of the Central Council of KNE.


D. Koutsoumbas denounced the participation of the Greek and Turkish bourgeois classes in the imperialist plans of NATO–USA–EU, to the detriment of other peoples and, among other things, he stressed that “The relations of competition and cooperation that characterize the relations of the bourgeois classes of Greece and Turkey are being developed within this framework. According to the phase that they are undergoing, they disguise their policy either as nationalism or as cosmopolitanism.

The workers in our countries are in danger, both by the sharpening of military conflicts and war adventurism that turn the people and the youth into cannon fodders, as well as their so-called imperialist peace, which prepares the new round of their wars, through the looting of the peoples’ resources and the destruction of the environment by the monopolies brought about by the notorious co-exploitation.


However, we are convinced that the two peoples can chart a different path of development! They can break this vicious circle of the capitalist way of life – as long as they believe in their power and aim at their real enemy! We will also contribute to this cause! Side by side with our comrades from the Communist Party of Turkey! Because our true enemies are not our neighbouring peoples! It is capitalism, the monopolies, and their imperialist alliances, such as NATO.


Today we have among us our comrades from the Communist Party and the Communist Youth of Turkey in order to jointly call for struggle, for our peoples’ right to live in peace and prosperity, as they truly deserve. For several years now, the Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party of Turkey have developed a close comradely relation, both for the revolutionary regroupment of the International Communist Movement and for the joint struggle of the two peoples. We develop important joint initiatives and positions:


-Against any case of hot incident and war involvement.


-Against border violations and the questioning of International Treaties that have defined the borders in the region.


-Against the change of borders and the Treaties that define them.


-Against the huge military expenditure of the two countries, which set the scene for a war conflict.


-Against the competition for the exploitation of the hydrocarbons in the Aegean by the monopolies and the plans for their “co-exploitation” by the exploitative bourgeois classes of both countries and their powerful allies.


-Against the involvement of Greece and Turkey in imperialist plans, for the return of military forces from NATO and other imperialist missions abroad.


-For the disentanglement of our countries from the imperialist unions, to expel the US and NATO bases from our countries.


The communists in Turkey and Greece walk side by side in the path of proletarian internationalism. We are struggling together to let the message be heard everywhere: Our neighbouring peoples want and demand to live in peace, cooperation, and friendship, with equal, mutually beneficial relations. We struggle to create the preconditions to eventually overturn the rotten system of exploitation and wretchedness, that is, capitalism, in our countries. All the peoples of the world together can build the new society, socialism–communism!”.


D. Koutsoumbas’ full speech (in English) can be found here .


The GS of the CC of the CP of Turkey, Kemal Okuyan, noted that “it is the communists of Greece and Turkey who come together and draw strength from each other. And we will surely win!”. Kemal Okuyan’s full speech (in English) can be found here .


The Secretary of the Central Council of KNE, Nikos Ambatielos, presented in detail the political developments in Greece and the region, as well as the problems that the youth face. He stressed that hope lies in the peoples’ struggle, that socialism is the future! Nikos Ambatielos’ full speech (in English) can be found here .


A special moment in the central political event


Right after extending his greeting at the rally, the GS of the CC of the CP of Turkey, Kemal Okuyan, awarded the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, with the  “Mustafa Suphi Friendship Award”. The award was named after Mustafa Suphi, the Turkish revolutionary and founder of the Communist Party of Turkey who was murdered along with his 14 comrades by the bourgeois state in 1921. On the event of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the CP of Turkey, its Central Committee took the decision to award a close comrade each year, to commemorate the founders of the CP of Turkey as well as the friends of the Party who have contributed in its struggle. The 1st award, of 2020, was decided to be given to Dimitris Koutsoumbas, GS of the CC of the KKE, for the close political collaboration and the decades long deep friendship between the two parties. The original award could only be presented now in person, due to the pandemic.


Kemal Okuyan also gifted to the GS of the CC of the KKE the portrait of Nikos Zachariadis, made by the communist artist İrfan Ertel. The portrait was part of the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the CP of Turkey, composed by portraits of a hundred of people who had an influence in the history of the Party and the working class movement in Turkey. The exhibition was presented at the Nâzım Hikmet Cultural Centre in September 2020 on the 100th anniversary of the CP of Turkey.

Dimitris Koutsoumbas: We draw conclusions, we become stronger – ДИМИТРИС КУЦУМБАС (КПГ): ИЗВЛЕКАЕМ УРОКИ, СТАНОВИМСЯ СИЛЬНЕЕ

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dimitris Koutsoumbas: We draw conclusions, we become stronger – ДИМИТРИС КУЦУМБАС (КПГ): ИЗВЛЕКАЕМ УРОКИ, СТАНОВИМСЯ СИЛЬНЕЕ
It is with particular joy that I address via the pages of the historical newspaper “Sovetskaya Rossiya” the workers of Russia, of the country where the “ice broke”, as Lenin said, where “the way has been shown” as regards the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and the construction of the new socialist-communist society. 
The consequences of the counterrevolution and the overthrow of socialism did not cloud the eyes, mind and judgment of the communists of Greece, the KKE. Indeed on the 28th of December 1991, a few hours after the red flag was taken down from the Kremlin, Rizospastis, the journalistic organ of the CC of the KKE, wrote on its historic front page: “Comrades, hold the flag high! Hope is to be found in the struggles of the peoples”! 
In 2017, the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, was marked by the multifaceted activity of our party. Our party is one of the fruits of the revolutionary flame of October. 
In our country hundreds of significant political and cultural activities in honour of the Socialist Revolution were carried out. 
At the same time, we sought through our political and ideological activity, as well as our activity inside the trade unions and other mass popular organizations, defending the just cause of the working class, the other poor strata against the anti-people political line, to highlight the need for workers’ power, which is the only real alternative to capitalist barbarity. 
The communists of Greece fought to organize the struggle of the working class against the bourgeois government of the “new” social-democracy SYRiZA, which governs for the last 3 years with the support if a rightwing party, ANEL and with the backing of the EU, NATO, USA. 
In difficult conditions of high unemployment caused by the capitalist crisis, the intensification of employer intimidation in the workplaces, government-state repression and undermining of the right to strike, the communists strived as best they could to organize major workers’ struggles, demonstrations, nationwide strikes. 
This struggle, beyond the various gains achieved by the workers in some sectors, such as in construction, in shipbuilding and repair and elsewhere, further strengthened the positions of the communists, of the class-oriented forces as a whole that struggle in the ranks of the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME).The class-oriented forces won over new forces. Today it is the second force in the trade union movement and the best organized. 
In addition, the communists also actively mobilize amongst the poor farmers, who in 2017 had blocked the country’s highways at 100 points for 40 days, struggling against the political line of the government and EU, which is driving them to ruin. 
The same is true as regards the struggles of the petty bourgeois urban strata, the self-employed, and also the struggles of the women and youth with a working class-popular background. 
It is no accident that KNE over the last 4 years has won the second position nationally in the elections for the student unions, with over 20%. 
The communists, either in the Greek Parliament (the KKE has 15 MPs), or in the European Parliament (where we have 2 MEPs), or in the ranks of the thousands of people who have demonstrated many times for the workers’-people’s rights, as well as outside the NATO bases and command centres, with a consistent stance against imperialist wars, against Greece’s participation in them, against the transformation of our country into a launching pad for the promotion of the plans of the USA, NATO, EU in the Middle East, in Africa, in Ukraine, in the Black Sea and elsewhere. They took a position in favour of the country’s disengagement from the imperialist unions of NATO and the EU, from all imperialist alliances, something that can only be guaranteed by workers’ governance in Greece. Just as only workers’ power can put an end to the anti-worker anti-people measures, socializing the means of production, with scientific planning of the economy and workers’ control. 
The 20th Congress of our party, which was held at the end of March 2017, engaged with question of how our party will become more effective in its activity. We set the bar even higher at this Congress. We set as an immediate task the strengthening of the KKE so that our party becomes more capable as a party of social revolution to realize its historical vanguard role. A party capable of leading the struggle of the working class and the entire people for the regroupment of the labour and trade union movement, the promotion of the Social Alliance in an anti-capitalist anti-monopoly direction, against imperialist wars, for workers’ power. 
Because we know very well that the October Revolution was not an “accident of history” or a “disastrous coup” of the Bolsheviks, as the bourgeois say and write, or an “immature and premature” revolution as every kind of renegade, opportunist and adventurist says and writes. 
The October Revolution was a climactic world-historic event which signaled the beginning of an era in which the working class became the protagonist in the developments and pushed the wheel of history forwards, taking power and organizing new socialist communist relations of production, reshaping society as a whole. 
This assessment is also valid today when we see capitalism in its imperialist stage dominant globally, as whatever socialist relations survive in some countries are remnants of the first attempt to construct socialism that began in 1917 and continued in various countries throughout the 20th century. 
However, socialism continues to be as timely and necessary as ever in the history of humanity. And this, like the socialist character of the revolution in our era, does not depend on the contingent correlation of forces, but it emerges from the impasses of capitalism, the fact that the material preconditions for the passage to a new society have matured. 
Today the inter-imperialist antagonisms have sharpened even further. The major contradictions over the division of the markets, the control of the natural resources, the transport routes for energy and commodities, geopolitical control. New alliances and blocs of forces are being created, increasing the danger of military conflicts. 
In the framework of these conflicts, the international communist movement, each communist party must form its own line of battle. A line for the overthrow of the imperialist barbarity that brings economic crises, poverty, unemployment and wars or “peace” with a gun to the people’s head. And this must be done by studying historical experience, rejecting mistaken analyses of previous decades that led revolutionary forces in society to passivity, ineffectiveness and confusion. 
As the experience of October and the entire course of the revolutionary labour movement internationally demonstrated, there is no room for any cooperation-alliance with the bourgeois class as a whole or any of its sections in the name of defending bourgeois democracy, of “humanizing capitalism”, of some intermediate stage to socialism or with the argument of avoiding some “extreme pro-war forces”. 
The bourgeoisie and the bourgeois power undermine and suppress workers’ and people’s rights, achievements. In their “peaceful conditions” they prepare wars. Τhe consolidation of the anti-capitalist-antimonopoly struggle, of the struggle for socialism requires the alliance of the working class with the poor farmers and the self-employed craftsmen. 
The line of social democracy since the beginning of the previous century until today has completely failed, it has caused great damage, it led to the defeat of the revolutionary communist movement, it assimilated working masses in the capitalist exploitative system; it led militant, progressive forces in favour of social development to be disarmed. This, like the irreplaceable role of the CP emerges from our theory, which is Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism. 
Socialist construction as the first immature phase of the communist society highlighted the scientific laws that the revolutionary vanguard must be aware of and not violate so as to eradicate consciously and methodically the seeds of counterrevolution. More specifically, the theory and practical implementation of “market socialism” is disastrous for socialist construction, something that happened gradually in the USSR via the opportunist sliding over a period of time beginning in 1956 and violently manifesting itself in 1991, with the complete dissolution of the USSR and CPSU. 
Historical experience has demonstrated that the problems that arose in the course of socialist construction were mistakenly interpreted as inherent weaknesses of central planning. The solution was sought in the expansion of market, which was a step backwards, instead of taking a step forward expanding and strengthening the socialist-communist relations of production. 
Today, drawing the correct conclusions from our history, we become stronger. We are better ideologically and politically equipped for the class battles that we are waging and we will wage in the future. Our weapon is proletarian internationalism, our joint struggle, our class and comradely solidarity which is necessary against national isolationism and imperialist cosmopolitanism. 
The KKE, which in 2018 will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its foundation, will follow the CPRF in hosting the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties . We will seek with the 20th International Meeting that will be held in Athens, as well as with other forms, to contribute so that the international communist movement, which today is divided and faces major difficulties, to take steps towards its revolutionary regroupment, because this is its only positive prospect. 
We wish the readers of “Sovetskaya Rossiya” health and strength for the new struggles of 2018. Our future is not capitalism, but the new world of socialist revolutions, of socialist-communist construction. 
Best wishes to all!
Published 28/12/2017.
* * * 
Я с особой радостью обращаюсь со страниц исторической газеты «Советская Россия» к трудящимся России – страны, которая сломала лед, как говорил Ленин, показала дорогу революционного свержения капитализма и строительства нового, социалистического-коммунистического общества.
То, что произошло в результате контрреволюционных процессов, не затмило глаза, ум коммунистов Греции, Коммунистической партии Греции. 
Даже в день, когда спускался красный флаг над Кремлем, 28 декабря 1991 года, на первой странице «Ризоспастиса» – печатного органа ЦК КПГ, был напечатан призыв: «Товарищи, выше флаг! Надежда – в борьбе народов!» 
2017 год – год 100-летия Великой Октябрьской социалистической революции – вооружил нашу партию богатым опытом деятельности. Наша партия также является плодом революционного пламени Октября. 
В нашей стране были проведены сотни важных политических и культурных мероприятий в честь Социалистической революции.
В то же время мы старались с помощью нашей идеологической и политической деятельности, деятельности в профсоюзах и других массовых народных организациях, защищая права рабочего класса, других бедных слоев населения от антинародной политики, показать необходимость завоевания власти трудящимися, которая является единственной реальной противостоящей силой капиталистическому варварству. 
Коммунисты Греции организовали борьбу рабочего класса против «нового» социал-демократического буржуазного правительства СИРИЗА, которое находится у власти 3 года в коалиции с правой партией АНЭЛ, имея поддержку капитала, ЕС, НАТО, США. 
В сложных условиях сохраняющейся высокой безработицы, вызванной капиталистическим кризисом, когда усиливаются работодательский террор на рабочих местах, репрессии со стороны государства и правительства и ущемляются права на забастовку, коммунисты отдают все свои силы для организации борьбы трудящихся, акций протеста, забастовок во всегреческом масштабе. 
Эта борьба, помимо отдельных успехов, достигнутых трудящимися в некоторых отраслях (строительной, судостроительной и др.), еще больше укрепила позиции коммунистов, в целом классовых сил, борющихся в рядах Всегреческого боевого фронта (ПАМЕ). Классовые силы окрепли. Сегодня они являются второй силой в профсоюзном движении и самыми хорошо организованными. 
Кроме того, коммунисты также активно действуют среди бедных крестьян, которые в 2017 году в течение 40 дней перекрывали центральные автомагистрали страны в 100 точках, выступая против политики правительства и ЕС, ведущей их к разорению. 
Такую же работу ведут коммунисты, участвуя в борьбе средних слоев населения города, самозанятых, а также женщин и молодежи из рабочего класса. 
Неслучайно Коммунистическая молодежь Греции в последние 4 года занимает второе место и набирает более чем 20% во всей стране на выборах в студенческих профсоюзах. 
Коммунисты, находясь в парламенте Греции (КПГ насчитывает 15 депутатов), в Европейском парламенте (имеет 2 евродепутатов) или в рядах демонстрантов, неоднократно протестующих против ущемления прав народа, а также у стен натовских военных баз и штабов, последовательно выступали против империалистических войн, против участия Греции в них, против превращения нашей страны в плацдарм для продвижения планов США, НАТО, ЕС на Ближнем Востоке, в Африке, на Украине, в Черном море и в других регионах. Они выступают за выход страны из империалистических союзов – НАТО и ЕС, из любого другого империалистического союза, а это может гарантировать только рабочее правление в Греции. Только рабочая власть может гарантировать, что обобществление средств производства, централизованное планирование и рабочий контроль могут стать «надгробным камнем» для антирабочих, антинародных мер. 
Вопрос о том, как сделать деятельность нашей партии более результативной, также рассматривался на состоявшемся в марте 2017 года XX съезде КПГ, на котором мы подняли планку еще выше. Мы поставили перед собой задачу укрепить КПГ, чтобы наша партия как партия социального низвержения стала способной выполнить свою историческую, авангардную роль. Чтобы она была способна возглавить борьбу рабочего класса и всего народа за реорганизацию рабочего профсоюзного движения, развитие социального союза в антикапиталистическом, антимонополистическом направлении, против империалистической войны, за рабочую власть. 
Нам очень хорошо известно, что Октябрьская революция не была ни драмой истории, ни переворотом большевиков, как говорит и пишет буржуазия, не была ни незрелой, ни преждевременной, как говорят и пишут всевозможные ренегаты, оппортунисты-авантюристы.
Октябрьская революция явилась вершинным, всемирно-историческим событием, ознаменовавшим начало новой эпохи, в которой рабочий класс стал главным героем событий и повернул колесо истории, захватив власть и установив новые коммунистические производственные отношения, изменив все общество. 
Эта оценка и сегодня соответствует действительности, мы видим, что капитализм, находящийся на империалистической стадии, господствует во всем мире, так как социалистические отношения, сохраняющиеся еще в некоторых странах, являются всего лишь остатками первой попытки социалистического строительства, которое началось в 1917 году и продолжалось в различных странах на протяжении всего XX века. 
Впрочем, социализм продолжает оставаться актуальным и необходимым как никогда в истории человечества. Необходимость и актуальность социализма, социалистический характер революции не зависят от расклада сил в определенный момент, а вытекают из тупиков капиталистического способа производства, из того факта, что созрели материальные предпосылки для перехода к новому обществу. 
Сегодня обостряются межимпериалистические противоречия: большие противоречия вокруг раздела рынков, контроля над природными ресурсами, путями транспортировки энергии и товаров, геополитического контроля. Создаются новые союзы и блоки держав, приводящие к созданию коалиций и антикоалиций, растет угроза военных конфликтов.
Международное коммунистическое движение и каждая компартия в частности не должны бездействовать в этих столкновениях. Они должны разработать собственную линию борьбы. Линию на свержение империалистического варварства, приводящего к экономическим кризисам, бедности, безработице, войнам или к «миру» с пистолетом у виска народов. Это должно произойти при исследовании исторического опыта, сознательном отказе от ошибочных разработок предыдущих десятилетий, которые, помимо безрезультатности, привели революционные силы общества к разоружению и большему бездействию.
Как, впрочем, показал и опыт Октября, а также весь ход мирового революционного рабочего движения, уже нет места для сотрудничества, для союза с буржуазией в целом или с какой-то ее частью во имя защиты буржуазной демократии или «очеловечивания» капитализма, во имя некой промежуточной стадии между капитализмом и социализмом или во избежание некоторых сил, которые ратуют за войну.
Буржуазия и ее власть подрывают и ущемляют права трудящихся, народа, лишают народ завоеваний, готовят войны, подписывая «мирные договоры». Союз рабочего класса с бедным крестьянством и самозанятыми производителями является перспективой для усиления антикапиталистической, антимонополистической борьбы, за социализм. 
Линия социал-демократии с начала прошлого века и до наших дней потерпела фиаско, причинила большой вред, привела к поражению революционное коммунистическое движение, способствовала приспособлению рабочих к капиталистической эксплуататорской системе, разоружила боевые, прогрессивные силы социального развития. Вот почему коммунисты на вопрос: «Реформа или революция?» – отвечают «Революция», так как ни один орган буржуазной власти не может стать гуманным. Это, как и незаменимая роль компартии, вытекает из нашей теории – из марксизма-ленинизма и пролетарского интернационализма. 
Строительство социализма как первой незрелой фазы коммунистического общества показало, какие закономерности должен знать революционный авангард и не нарушать их, чтобы искоренять сознательно и планомерно ростки контрреволюции. Более конкретно – пагубной для социалистического строительства является теория и практика «рыночного социализма». Все это внедрилось в СССР постепенно, посредством медленного скатывания к оппортунизму, начиная с 1956 года, и его последствия резко проявились в 1991 году и ознаменовались окончательным распадом СССР и КПСС. 
Исторический опыт показывает нам, что проблемы, возникшие в процессе социалистического строительства, ошибочно трактовались как недостатки централизованного планирования. Решение искали в возврате назад, в расширении рынка, а не в движении вперед, в расширении и укреплении социалистических, коммунистических производственных отношений. 
Сегодня, делая правильные выводы из нашей истории, мы становимся более сильными. Лучше вооружаемся идеологически и политически для ведения классовой борьбы сегодня и в будущем. 
Наше оружие – пролетарский интернационализм, наша общая борьба, классовая и товарищеская солидарность, необходимая против национальной изоляции и против империалистического космополитизма. 
KПГ, которая в 2018 году отметит свой 100-летний юбилей, получила после КПРФ право на проведение следующей Международной встречи коммунистических и рабочих партий. Мы постараемся, чтобы 20-я Международная встреча, которая состоится в Афинах, а также другие виды деятельности внесли вклад в развитие международного коммунистического движения, которое сегодня является раздробленным и сталкивается с большими трудностями, чтобы оно сделало шаги в направлении революционной реорганизации, так как только в этом перспективы его развития. 
Желаем читателям «Советской России» здоровья и боевых успехов в 2018. Наше будущее – не капитализм, а новый мир социалистических революций и строительства социалистического, коммунистического общества. 
Я желаю всем хорошего Нового года!
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Murderous attack against young communists by Neo-Nazi gangsters in Ukraine

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Murderous attack against young communists by Neo-Nazi gangsters in Ukraine

In Ukraine a group of young fascists affiliated to one of the neo-Nazi parties of the country “National Corps” attacked the premises, where the youth wing of Communist Party of Ukraine gathered for plenums in Kiev. 

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine highligted in the press release on the issue that these criminal groups are controlled and supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was added that during the attack, the police came to the scene and as always did not interfere in the situation.

The Communist Party of Ukraine declared: “All gangster attacks on members of the Party, members of the Komsomol, dissidents are carried out directly on instructions and are financed by political forces that seized power in Ukraine as a result of the armed coup in February 2014.” In the press release, it was also informed that the party sent detailed information about the attack to the international human organizations, PACE, OSCE, and to the UN Human Rights Office.
Previously in December 2015, the Kiev District Administrative Court banned the activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine. In January 2016, the Ministry of Justice stated that the Supreme Administrative Court refused to open proceedings on the appeal of the CPU, which tried to challenge its ban in Ukraine.

Source: international communist press.
* * * 
KNE: Condemns the fascist attack against Komsomol’s members

In a statement, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) condemns the new fascist attack against the young communists of Ukraine. Among others, the statement writes: “We denounce the identification of anticommunism and repression by the reactionary government of Ukraine which is supported- and supports- fascist groups.”

“It is the same regime”, the KNE statement points out “which has created black lists for its political opponents, including, among others, cadres of the KKE such as G.Lambroulis, MP and Deputy Speaker of the Greek Parliament and S.Zarianopoulos, KKE MEP, because they showed their practical interests and solidarity of the KKE to the people of Ukraine who is shedding blood in the Donbass region.

Anticommunism shall not pass. Solidarity to the communists of Ukraine”.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS regarding the current political situation in Greece
worker | December 22, 2017 | 6:39 pm | Communist Party Greece (KKE), Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), Greece, political struggle, Syriza | Comments closed

Friday, December 22, 2017

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS regarding the current political situation in Greece
Odigitis International Edition
(October 2017) Front Page.
The following article is republished from the International Edition (October 2017) of “Odigitis” monthly, Organ of the CC of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE).
It is reasonable for a youngster following international developments to wonder about the situation in Greece and to express interest precisely for the last two years that the government of Greece has been assigned to a “left” party. That party (SYRIZA) added 2 new memorandums and additional barbaric measures crashing the rights and conquests of the people. Finally, after so many measures voted, they declare that “we are approaching growth, from which all of us are going to benefit”. However, is it like this? In this article we are trying to give answers about the real situation in Greece, about the way out in favor of the people, the one that KKE proposes, through three questions that often people make. 
In Greece, over the past 2-3 years, a new government with left-wing roots has emerged. Hasn’t it got a difference in the country’s governance ? Isn’t this an opportunity for faster growth in the country, in a more “fair way”?
It is true that the SYRIZA (new socialdemocracy) – ANEL (nationalist party) government is doing everything in order to give its credentials to the Greek bourgeoisie that it is as capable as the previous governments, ND (liberal party) and PASOK (classic socialdemocracy), to take measures in favor of the capital. The famous “we are coming out of the memoranda,” which the government says now, is not true because, on one hand, the Commission will continue for several years and, on the other hand, because all anti-people laws that have been taken in time of memorandums will not be abolished, since they are measures that will urge the bourgeoisie to come out of the crisis, to bring growth to the country.
But is this growth the same with the one that Mr Tsipras (Greek prime minister) and his partners are evangelizing about the working class and the poor strata? We put the question of “growth for whom”. On the one hand, monopoly groups enjoy tax breaks, subsidies, growth measures, free labour, and on the other hand the people are faced with lοw wages and pensions, labour and insurance rights cuts, unemployment, tax increase. All of this is evidence that the growth has a class character. It can be a growth for monopolies or for the people.
The most recent example of this reality is the sinking of a tanker in Piraeus, the largest port in the country, which has led to oil pollution on the coasts of the Saronic Gulf. This government, as well as the previous ones, advertised the port of Piraeus as an “entry gate” and as a “transit hub”, but the situation in ship navigation and the recent pollution of the area highlight government responsibilities, which with ministerial permits give alibi to the shipowners to utilize old ships. At the same time, however, local residents face the tragic consequences of environmental pollution, such as the food problem that has been created.
The KKE also within the Parliament highlighted the issue of the widespread marine pollution caused and asked for the blame to be placed. The party’s organizations in the region were mobilized from the very beginning and supported the mobilization of PAME in Piraeus against the crime committed.
* * * 
However, there are sectors where Greece is experiencing significant growth, such as tourism, as evidenced by the millions of tourists been welcomed each year.
Every year the number of tourists is increasing, with data showing that the first half of 2017 an increase of 6.6% compared to last year was recorded, while the tourist season has already been lengthened. It is a fact that benefits particularly a part of the big capital, such as hoteliers, shipowners, because of the ferry tickets, the chains of restaurants and so on. However, for the popular family holidays continue to be a luxury, while a very large proportion of youth works “seasonally” for up to 7 months in hotels, restaurants, most of the time without any day off, staying in the worst accommodation. Millions of tourists literally pass over the bodies of workers in the sector.
The growth of the tourism sector in Greece shows crystal clear that there are “two Greeces”; Greece of luxury, wealth, unforgettable holidays in the most popular islands, and Greece of labor which is either working all year round and cannot afford the summer holiday, or working in the worst conditions in the tourism “industry”, with more and more flexibility in the last years.
During the summer, KNE held a Pan-Hellenic Day of Action for Workers in Food, Tourism and Hotels. With their joint initiative, 36 sectoral and business trade unions organized mobilizations and interventions, focusing on issues of collective labour agreements and protecting the unemployed in parts of the country.
Archive Photo: KKE electoral rally in Athens.
* * * 
Isn’t furthering flexibility of labour relations an opportunity to reduce unemployment? The government speaks openly about the fact that it managed to reduce unemployment rates.
This is an argument that the SYRIZA – ANEL government uses to present flexibility and mobility in workplaces as positive. Of course, other bourgeois parties are advocates of this policy, such as ND which, at the time it was in the government, had introduced forms of such employment. Flexibility cannot be considered as a measure of combating unemployment, because the worker is actually consumable by the system and most of the time the salary he gets does not even cover his most basic needs, food and housing. This is a “recycling” of unemployment. The reality actually cancels what the government says, trying to implement the anti-labour measures it took in view of the Memoranda, promoting EU guidelines.
Archive Photo: KNE Odigitis-Festival.
In the summer, Rizospastis published a survey that revealed that businessmen in the tourism industry can utilize 14 different forms of “flexible” work to ensure that their profits are increasing. Capitalists continue to profit from the tourist “fever” experienced by our country, but most of the youth working in this sector are now returning to their homes and facing the unemployment fund, if and when allowed, based on the stamps collected. As for unemployment, it is here and continues to bust amongst the youth with, according to the official Eurostat rates, one in two young people being unemployed (45.5%).
As the flexible forms of employment and unemployment are “privileges” that are more enjoyed by youth, KNE this year at the 43rd KNE – Odigitis Festival on September 21- 23, organized an event in the Spot of Young Workers and Unemployed at the site of the festival, having as a speaker the president of the Food and Tourism Trade Union, on the subject: “From a generation of flexibility, unemployment, exploitation, to become the Generation of Overthrow!”
The KKE is the only party that makes legislative proposals in the Parliament to protect the unemployed, provide decent allowances, provide access to health care and always supports any measure that can even alleviate the people. However, we always point out that this system, which not only generates unemployment but also poverty, wars, exploitation, needs to be and must be overthrown.
Communist Youth: Mass demonstration in Athens in solidarity with the Palestinian people
worker | December 8, 2017 | 8:30 pm | Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), Palestinian struggle for equality | Comments closed

Friday, December 8, 2017

Communist Youth: Mass demonstration in Athens in solidarity with the Palestinian people
A strong message of solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the recent decision of the U.S. to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was given by thousands of young people, members and friends of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) who demonstrated in downtown Athens on Friday afternoon. 
The protesters gathered at Propylaia and marched towards the U.S. Embassy, shouting slogans such as “Freedom to Palestine” and “Americans, murderers of the peoples”. 
The demonstration was attended by Palestinian students, members of the General Union of Palestinian Students, as well as by the ambassador of Palestine Marwan Toumbassi. A speech was delivered by the member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE Aris Evangelidis.

A similar protest took place in Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki, organised by the Greek Committee for Detente and Peace (EDYETH) and the local Palestinian community.
“The ice has been broken, the road is open”: Massive participation at KKE’s event for the 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution
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Monday, November 27, 2017

“The ice has been broken, the road is open”: Massive participation at KKE’s event for the 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution
With massive participation of people of every age, in a stadium filled with young communists, the KKE celebrated the 100 years since the October Socialist Revolution with a magnificent political and cultural event on Sunday in Athens. 
The event began with a speech by the General Secretary of the CC of the Party Dimitris Koutsoumbas and continued with a theatrical play dedicated to the 1917 October Revolution events. 
Thousands members, supporters and friends of the KKE and its youth wing, KNE, filled the Stadium of Peace and Friendship in Faliro, celebrating the epic revolution which inspired the people in all over the world and proved that capitalism is neither eternal nor undefeated. 
“The Great October proved that capitalism isn’t undefeated. That the people can build a higher organisation of society, without exploitation of man by man” said, among other things, General Secretary Koutsoumbas in his speech and underlined that “the era of socialist revolution is ahead. The vehement entrance of the working-peoples’ forces in the revolutionary struggle will, sooner or later, sweep away capitaliost barbarity, imperialist aggressiveness. The October illuminates the people’s struggles, socialism is a need of the times”.
The event was also attended representatives of communist and workers parties from the Mediterranean and the Middle East who had earlier participated in a regional meeting that was held in Athens. 
Below, you can see photos from the political and cultural event of the KKE, published at portal:
NATO soldiers attacked and injured civilians in Crete
worker | November 24, 2017 | 6:53 pm | Communist Party Greece (KKE), Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) | Comments closed

Thursday, November 23, 2017

NATO soldiers attacked and injured civilians in Crete

An outrageous incident took place in the city of Chania, in the Greek island of Crete, on November 17th. 

NATO soldiers, who were participating in a multinational military exercise, attacked civilians in the city center of Chania thus injuring one of them seriously. The victim was transfered to the local hospital. 
The incident took place on  the evening of Friday, 17 of November, just after the end of the rally for the 44th anniversary since the Athens Polytechnic Uprising. 

The attack from the side of the NATO soldiers, which is not the first one that takes place in the area, was unprovoked.
In a statement, the Chania Peace Committee strongly condemned the incident and said that the soldiers of NATO behave like they are in a “concquered city”. Similar statements of condemnation were issued by the local KKE and KNE Party Organisations.
“The attack which resulted to the serious injury of a fellow citizen is not an isolated incident. The increased attacks by NATO soldiers go hand by hand with the deeper involvement (of the country) in the plans of NATO’s alliance, the transformation of our city into a basement of peoples’ murderers” wrote a statement by the Chania Organisation of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE).
It must noted that the naval base of Souda (used by the US-NATO forces) is 6 km to the east of the city of Chania.
The above unprovoked attacked by NATO soldiers against civilians was brought in the form of a question to the Greek Parliament by the KKE MP Manolis Syntihakis. MP Syntihakis submitted a written question to the Minister of Defense asking from the government to take measures for the punishment of the perpetrators, refering also to the popular demand for the closure of the foreign military bases.