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Bernie Sanders and Cuba
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Bernie Sanders and Cuba

by J. Thompson

Bernie Sanders has been sharply criticized by his apologist competitors for the office of the President of the United States (POTUS) for uttering a few syllables that might be construed as positive about Fidel Castro. Senator Sanders was positive about the literacy program which was initiated by Fidel Castro. A maelstrom of redbaiting erupted in response to the few syllables of truth uttered by Sanders.

A similar statement was made by President Obama a few years ago. Does this mean that the apologists for capitalism, i.e. Sanders opponents in the Democratic primary, believe that President Obama was a red? Perhaps in their confusion, they believe that Obama was really a Soviet loving Republican like Trump. Who knows what morons believe?

Does anyone remember that the Cubans provide free medical education to qualified students from the United States who cannot afford a medical education in the United States? Does anyone remember that Cuba puts a priority on providing medical education to students of color? Does anyone remember that the students must agree to return to their community and provide medical treatment to underserved populations such as African-American communities?

Does anyone remember that Fidel Castro offered Cuban healthcare professionals to serve the people on the Gulf coast affected by Hurricane Katrina? Does anyone remember that these professionals were especially trained in hurricane recovery? Does anyone remember that the vile President George W. Bush arrogantly declined Fidel Castro’s offer while people in the South died? Does anyone remember that the people who died were largely African-American? Does anyone remember that President Obama and VP Biden did not accept Fidel Castro’s offer to help underserved populations on the Gulf coast?

Is Trump the Last Hurrah for Capitalism (Part 2)
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Is Trump the Last Hurrah for Capitalism (Part 2)

by J. Thompson

Who Is Trump? Trump is a wealthy person sitting on top of and benefiting from a real estate empire. Trump is a former TV personality who was famous for firing working people. He is a sycophant, demagogue and a bamboozler the likes of which the world has never seen. He is a smokescreen for people wealthier than he is and he is their puppet. He is a leader of mass distraction. He is a mirror of the brutality, chaos and inherent self-destructiveness of the tiny minority who control the vast majority of wealth in the USA.

It is clear that the people who control the vast majority of wealth in this country have selected Trump to be their flimflam man. It is likely that they will keep him in office by any means necessary. It is unclear what authoritarian mechanisms will be devised in order to protect the interests of the people who control the vast majority of wealth. It should be remembered that the people that Trump is famous for firing are the very people who produce the wealth in this country.

We don’t know if Trump is the last Hurrah for capitalism. It appears to be quite possible that he could be a modern day Nero gaslighting working people as the modern day Rome starts to burn.

Working people need a movement that supports their interests. We don’t know if the movement supporting Bernie Sanders for president is that movement. If it is not, perhaps it is the beginning of a larger movement to fight those wealthy, anti-worker interests for which Trump is the most visible cheerleader.


Is Trump the Last Hurrah for Capitalism?
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Is Trump the Last Hurrah for Capitalism?

By J. Thompson

There has been a lot of MSM chatter about Russian interference with the 2016 election. There seems to be a lot of MSM chatter about Russian interference with the upcoming 2020 election.

A reasonable analysis of the 2016 election would be that clearly there was interference and that electoral struggle. Clinton won a majority of the popular vote and Trump won the electoral college vote.

Basic political science teaches that the electoral college was put in place by the founders as a stopgap against working people gaining political power. The electoral college is controlled by the wealthiest sector of the US population. Clearly, the wealthiest sector in the US decided that Trump was the candidate that best represented their interests. We all know the results of the 2016 election.

There is been a lot of chatter about the 2020 general election. The MSM proclaims that the Russians have decided that Sanders or Trump should be the next president because they will throw the US economic system into chaos.

The reality is that the US capitalist economic system has thrown itself into chaos with very little, if any, help from the Russian capitalists.

If people in the US are searching for enemies to blame for the current chaos, they should look in the mirror.


Solidarity with the people of Yemen!
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By A. Shaw and J. Thompson

The people of Yemen are being slaughtered with a savagery many believe is beyond barbarity.

The USA regime is leading the Saudi Arabian savage attack on the people of Yemen. The USA regime supplies the reactionary Saudi forces with weapons, funds, intelligence, political support, diplomatic support and logistical support. The USA regime pretends that it is under the domination of Saudi Arabia. This Saudi dominance of the USA is supposed to explain why the Saudis are leading US forces in the war. But the idea of US subservience to the Saudi reactionaries is ludicrous. The USA has led the pack of savages in the slaughter of more than 15 million all along.

This savagery has to stop. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a resolution to end US military support of the Saudi atrocities. Working people must support all legislation to end of the USA military support of the Saudi genocide in Yemen.


Michael Parenti on Bernie Sanders
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Introducing Medicare for All
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RESPONSE TO: Some Dems sizzle, others see their stock fall on road to 2020
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By A. Shaw
So, according to the article, there are already about 20 apparent “Dems” or DP candidates positioning for 2020.
Some “sizzle” while others “fall on the road.”
At this time, Sanders sizzles in first place with 28% of likely voters in all social classes and race/nationality.
Biden sizzles with 17%.
Warren sizzles with 12%
The remaining 17 or so DP candidates don’t sizzle.
 They fall on the road.
Ideologically, Sanders strives to represent chiefly the liberal sectors of working and middle classes. He is not indifferent to the interests of the capitalist class, but the interests of millionaires are not his primary concern.
Biden primarily wants to represent the center and liberal sectors of the bourgeoisie, the rest of society is not his primary concern.
Warren strives primarily to represent the liberal sector of the middle class. Still, she has a real interest in other classes, especially the workers
With the exception of Sanders, this field of DP candidates accepts the flawed principle that reality is whatever story is prominently and consistently reported in the capitalist [or cappie] media. So, this field hustles for coverage in the cappie press.
Thus, if propaganda appears in non-cappie outlets, it isn’t real. If the story appears in the a cappie outlet but it’s buried in back pages, it isn’t real due to the lack of prominence. If the story appears one day but vanishes the next, it isn’t real due to lack of consistency.
The tactic of most of candidates in the DP field is to get coverage in the cappie press, then use the coverage to reach out to sectors of social classes  that may effect the candidate’s campaign favorably or unfavorably.
In 2016, Trump showed how to use the social media with full force.
In 2016, Sanders showed a little bit how to use the campaign’s media for propaganda as well as fundraising.