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China’s embassy in Australia condemns Canberra’s ‘provocative’ cancellation of Belt and Road deals
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China’s embassy in Australia condemns Canberra’s ‘provocative’ cancellation of Belt and Road deals

China's embassy in Australia condemns Canberra's ‘provocative’ cancellation of Belt and Road deals
Australia has pulled out of two deals agreed between the state of Victoria and China as part of Beijing’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. The move has drawn heavy criticism from the Chinese embassy in Canberra.

The Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne announced on Wednesday that she had stopped four deals overall, including a Victoria-Beijing agreement designed to underpin the expansion of Chinese infrastructure in the south-eastern state.

The decision was branded “unreasonable and provocative” in a statement by the Chinese embassy.

“It further shows that the Australian government has no sincerity in improving China-Australia relations. It is bound to bring further damage to bilateral relations, and will only end up hurting itself,” the delegation added.

ALSO ON RT.COMChina halts Australian hay imports amid escalating trade rowThe two Australian deals are part of the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s global infrastructure project that aims to build a trans-continental energy and transport network between Asia, Europe and other regions.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews had inked a 2018 memorandum of understanding with the National Development and Reform Commission of China, as well as a 2019 framework agreement, building on the previous deal.

Payne also announced she had axed a 1999 scientific partnership with Syria and a deal struck between Iran and Victoria’s Education and Training Department in 2004.

“I consider these four arrangements to be inconsistent with Australia’s foreign policy or adverse to our foreign relations in line with the relevant test in Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020,” she said in a statement.

ALSO ON RT.COMAustralian national broadcaster stops airing Chinese state-run TV over human rights concernsPayne’s announcement marks her first use of new powers granted by parliament in December, which allow the Commonwealth to veto any deals between local administrations and foreign governments.

The powers came in amid a period of frosty relations between Canberra and Beijing due to disputes over the Covid-19 pandemic and Australia’s exclusion of Chinese tech company Huawei from its 5G cellular network.

In response, China – Australia’s largest trading partner – slapped tariffs on a number of Australian imports, including wine, beef, barley and lobster.

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Statements by the WFTU and PAME: Solidarity with the bus drivers’ strike in Sydney
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Statements by the WFTU and PAME: Solidarity with the bus drivers’ strike in Sydney
The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 92 million workers in the 5 continents, expresses its solidarity with Sydney bus drivers who are on strike as a response to the government’s announcement for a privatization program of bus services in the city’s south and inner west.
The privatization plan was announced, despite the fact that the government assured the bus drivers in writing that the bus route will not be privatized. According to the strikers, the privatization will cost the job of 1,200 drivers, will reduce the bus routes and stops and will adversely affect the quality of service and the maintenance of the buses.
The WFTU stands by the side of the strikers and calls the people of Australia to support them in this struggle. We condemn the Industrial Relations Commission which announced the strike illegal, ordering the drivers to work normally. The right for strike is an non-negotiable workers’ right and the bourgeoisie cannot disarm the trade union movement from this.

The Urban Transport Secretariat of PAME (All Workers Militant Front) that represents the class trade union movement of Greece, and the bus drivers of Athens, expresses its support to the bus drivers of Sydney, Australia, who are on strike against Privatizations.
The attack of the Capital against the workers escalates on global level. Transport sector is on the front line of this attack.
Our struggles and solidarity among the workers is necessary for the counterattack of the working class against the offensive of the Governments and the Capitalists.
The Urban Transport Secretariat of PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers in buses of Sydney​.