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The Marxist Theory of the State by A. Shaw
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A Shaw on Democracy
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What’s Happening?
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By A. Shaw and J. Thompson

Healthcare is collapsing.

The economy is collapsing.

The schools are collapsing.

The environment is collapsing.

The top two bourgeoisie leaders – Trump and Pelosi –appear to be irreconcilable.

Solidarity with the people of Yemen!
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By A. Shaw and J. Thompson

The people of Yemen are being slaughtered with a savagery many believe is beyond barbarity.

The USA regime is leading the Saudi Arabian savage attack on the people of Yemen. The USA regime supplies the reactionary Saudi forces with weapons, funds, intelligence, political support, diplomatic support and logistical support. The USA regime pretends that it is under the domination of Saudi Arabia. This Saudi dominance of the USA is supposed to explain why the Saudis are leading US forces in the war. But the idea of US subservience to the Saudi reactionaries is ludicrous. The USA has led the pack of savages in the slaughter of more than 15 million all along.

This savagery has to stop. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a resolution to end US military support of the Saudi atrocities. Working people must support all legislation to end of the USA military support of the Saudi genocide in Yemen.


The Marxist Theory of the State
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By A.Shaw
The  reactionary, liberal, and centrist sectors of the capitalist press, the three most important sectors of the cappi or capitalist  press, have turned themselves into one sector in order to better promote or synchronize imperialist anti-Syrian lies proclaimed by their reactionary and aggressive bourgeois regime in Washington, DC.
Donald Trump and his bestial regime  are committing an act of horrendous aggression against the people of Syria.
The USA regime and its Jihadist allies organized the massacre of children which imperialists now use  as a pretext for their savage aggression.
The peace-loving, ethical, and truly democratic forces must fight to stop imperialist aggression against Syria.
These humanist forces must never forget that the slime that runs the foul regime in Washington DC represses not only independent foreigners but also independent USAs, especially those in the working and middle classes.
Immoral Outrage Against The Syrians
By A. Shaw
Aircraft of US imperialists recently attacked the Iraq city of Mosul, slaughtering over 200 people.
So far, the imperialists have not identified the type of bombs and missiles they drop on Mosul.
There is no doubt that US imperialists are responsible for the mass murder in Mosul.
The shameless US imperialists themselves admit they are guilty.
Why is it that there is so little moral outrage against the US atrocity in Mosul.
There is something like a limited coalescence of immoral outrage of the reactionary, centrist, and liberal sectors of the working and middle classes in the USA over the recent chemical attack in Syria in which 100 people were killed, many of the victims were children.
There’s no evidence that either the Russian or Syrian governments are guilty of the chemical attack.
The cappie [capitalist] press in the USA publishes the lies of self-professed terrorists, who enjoy cutting peoples heads off, as if these lies are irreproachable and incontrovertible.
The cappie media and the reactionary bourgeois regime in Washington  have unjustly accused the Russians and Syrians.
The USAs – or the US people – should not become as two-face as the cappie media and bourgeois regime over the USAs.
Periodically, some of the insane, terrorist groups fighting the Syrian Government stage chemical attacks killing children in order to drag US imperialists deeper into the war against the Syrian people.