Month: April, 2020
Is the U.S. a Right to Die Country?
worker | April 26, 2020 | 9:14 pm | class struggle, COVID-19, Donald Trump | Comments closed

Is the U. S. a Right to Die Country?

Trump in his proper place

By J. Thompson

As the lunacy virus spreads at an alarming rate in the USA, it is hard for working people to decide what to do to save their own skins.

It seems the lunacy virus started in Texas with a deranged lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, who has come out with several pronouncements which have shaken even the most stalwart supporters of the neofascist movement which is overwhelming the nation. It is well documented that Dan Patrick has a history of inpatient psychiatric treatment for a serious mental illness .

Recently, he called for seniors to sacrifice themselves for the economy. Of course, it is easy to read between the lines and understand that he meant for working-class and poor seniors to sacrifice themselves for the capitalist class. It is clear that he did not intend for billionaires who are seniors to sacrifice themselves for the good of the economy so that their wealth could be distributed equally to the general population. It is indeed remarkable that no one has indicted him for agitating for mass suicides.

Since lieutenant governor Patrick was on a roll, he kept going. He also pontificated that there was no reason to shut the country down because of the large number of deaths due to COVID-19. Again, there wasn’t a peep in response to his deadly analysis.

To make sure that no one misunderstood his murderous intentions, he clarified by stating, “There are more important things than living.” Again, we have to wonder if he was referring to the lives of the billionaires or the lives of poor and working people. What are these things that are more important than living? Could he possibly be referring to the profits of the billionaires?

Some years ago a physician that some people may recall named Dr. Kevorkian advocated for terminally ill patients to have access to assisted suicide. He was ridiculed and persecuted for his views. No one seems to be drawing a comparison between him and the lieutenant governor of Texas and other political leaders in the United States.

A version of the lunacy virus erupted last week in Washington. Dr. Donald Trump has been promoting a malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, as the panacea for COVID-19. Our meek, fearful scientists finally stood up to the fearless leader and declared that treatment of COVID 19 patients with hydroxychloroquine resulted in more deaths than those who were not treated with the drug. Some have pointed out that Dr. Trump owns stock in the company that makes hydroxychloroquine.

Not to be outdone by his own lunacy, Dr. Trump has now prescribed a new remedy for COVID-19. He now says that the illness can be treated with a dose of disinfectant. It was not clear the route of administration, but the fearless leader suggested perhaps it could be injected or orally administered. He also suggested that a strong light such as UV could be administered outside the body and/or inside the body. Contemplating what he meant by this boggles the mind.

Scientists and companies that manufacture disinfectant such as Lysol rushed to inform the feckless masses that such a remedy would likely result in their demise.

As the president strays off the far edges of reality, most sane people think he was on more solid ground when he suggested that the COVID-19 virus would disappear due to a miracle.

So, the state of Texas has distinguished itself as a Right to Die state. To further compound the vicious attack on the working people of Texas, Texas has also one of the worst records of providing testing for the COVID-19 virus in the United States.

When you take the pattern of a lack of ventilators, masks and the reckless behavior of citizens and politicians ignoring scientific evidence in an effort to achieve immediate gratification of their individual needs and the needs of the billionaires to increase their profits, you have the recipe for a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

The slogan of the billionaires seems to be clear, “Death to working people!”

When will working people recognize this and say with a strong, united voice, “No! We have a right to live and we won’t let you put us to death due to your negligent and murderous policies! Use the resources of this wealthy nation to come up with an evidence-based treatment of this deadly virus! Until you do this, we will not sacrifice ourselves to the interests of the billionaires! We will protect ourselves and our families! We will not let you put profit before human life!”

Masks vs. Nuclear Weapons
worker | April 2, 2020 | 8:14 pm | Action | Comments closed

Masks vs. Nuclear Weapons

by J. Thompson

The COVID 19 pandemic has shined the spotlight on the inefficiency and destructiveness of capitalism. The USA has 7260 nuclear weapons stockpiled for immediate use. It is unclear how many effective N95 respirator masks are available for use at all in the USA. There are many stories of how these masks have not been stockpiled, are being held back and not made available to healthcare professionals while healthcare providers and doctors as well as patients die in massive numbers.

Meanwhile, there are adequate nuclear weapons to eliminate all living creatures from the face of the earth. Some speculate that in the event of a nuclear exchange, the only beings that might possibly benefit would be the cockroaches feasting on the remains of other beings.

Could it be that capitalism values profits over life? Could it be that if capitalism is given its God-given liberty, life will vanish from the face of the earth (with the possible exception of cockroaches)?

Could it be that if working people around the world denounce and overthrow the savagery of capitalism, there might be a chance to preserve life on this planet?

Do any working people care?

Perhaps working people think that electing the blithering idiot Biden might hasten the demise of all living beings and reduce the suffering of all living things.

Perhaps wealthy people and/or wannabe wealthy people think that Trump will just thin out the undesirables so that wealthy people and their wannabes will thrive.

When will the brainwashed give up their folly?