Trump in his proper place

COVID-19 is Biological Class Warfare

by J. Thompson

There has been a lot of speculation about the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s examine some basic facts.

Most importantly, the $2 trillion stimulus package before Congress is one of the most obvious weapons of class warfare that the world has ever seen. It is obviously tilted towards the ultra-wealthy. Billions of dollars will be funneled to the corporations and wealthy individuals if it is passed. Some individual Congress persons such as Bernie Sanders have opposed this bailout of the ultra-wealthy. He is to be commended for his efforts.

If we examine which countries have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis, we can see a clear pattern. China was first and hardest hit. China maintains that there was a contingent of US soldiers in Wuhan in October which was just before the first case was identified in December. China blames the US for the outbreak. Trump counters with a furious denial and dubs the crisis “The China Virus.” Trump has imposed countless sanctions and tariffs on China during his presidency. Trump and Obama have threatened the Chinese coast with US battleships and air carriers. Trump has offered China nothing but hostility and aggression and members of his administration have dubbed China the most serious threat to national security.

Iran has been hit very hard by the COVID-19 virus. Trump’s hostility towards that nation is well known. Again, countless tariffs and sanctions have been leveled against that nation. Iran is one of the few nations who have opposed US hegemony in the Middle East. The US does not have free reign to exploit the natural resources of Iran.

Italy has been hit very hard by the COVID-19 virus. The moderate politician Prime Minister Conte was elected over the ultranationalist right wing Trump puppet Salvini.

Is there a pattern emerging here?

Let’s turn to the USA.

When Mitt Romney announced that he was free of the COVID-19 virus, Trump responded with sarcastic tweets indicating that he was displeased with Romney’s prognosis. Mitt Romney was the only Republican to vote for Trump’s impeachment. They were bitter rivals in the presidential primaries in 2016.

Trump has voiced vigorous support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott who is notorious for his lack of response to COVID-19. The Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced his opinion that old people in the USA should sacrifice themselves for the economy. The Lieutenant Governor Patrick has a well documented history of two admissions to a psychiatric hospital for depression. We can easily presume that Lieutenant Governor Patrick is referring to older Americans who are poor. Wealthy older Americans would obviously be exempt from Patrick’s edict. In any case, Patrick should be indicted for agitating for mass suicide among older Americans.

Let’s turn to the geography of the United States.

There are three cities in the United States that have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 virus. They are Seattle, New York City and New Orleans. All three states where these cities are located have democratic governors. Two of the three states voted against Trump in the 2016 presidential election. New York and Washington voted against Trump. Louisiana voted for Trump, but it’s largest city, New Orleans, voted against Trump. New Orleans has a Democratic Mayor who happens to be an African-American woman. New Orleans is the hardest hit city in Louisiana.

The Trump administration has been highly critical of China for their response to COVID-19. However, China seems to have contained the virus quickly and responded appropriately to the crisis. The Trump administration, on the other hand, has been slow to provide needed information, personnel and equipment to fight the virus and treat the inflicted.

It is clear that working people will suffer from the virus disproportionately as compared with the ultra-wealthy who will have access to the best treatment that money can buy. Working people around the globe will die at a disproportionate rate when compared with the ultra-wealthy.

Does anyone else see a pattern here?