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Turkey: Erdogan’s AKP government bans metalworkers strike as a “threat to the national security”
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Friday, January 26, 2018

Turkey: Erdogan’s AKP government bans metalworkers strike as a “threat to the national security”
According to a soL international report, Turkey’s AKP government has banned a strike in Turkey’s metal sector, citing national security.
The government decree, signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, considers the metalworkers’ mass strike as a “threat to the national security of Turkey”.
Metal workers, rejecting Turkey’s pro-capitalist Metal Industrialists Union (MESS)’s unacceptable offer that includes a 3-year validity period for its contract and a 6.4% wage increase, have decided to go on strike on February 2, 2018.
The cabinet was given the right to suspend and delay strikes with a law approved in the aftermath of the Sept. 12, 1980, military coup. In 2012, Turkish AKP government adopted a “new” trade union act numbered 6356. But it merely incorporated old provisions and kept to amend strike suspension mechanisms.
The decree was based on Article 63 of Act 6356 which allows the government to suspend any strike for 60 days if it is considered a danger to “national security” and “public health”. The decree is followed by a 60-day ‘postponement period’ for negotiations, where the parties have to agree. In practice, this means that there is no chance to continue the strike after the 60-day period.
Workers affiliated the United Metal Workers’ Union (Birleşik Metal-İŞ) went on a 1-hour token strike in certain factories on January 23. 8000 workers participated in token strikes in 30 factories on January 23.
From its side, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has responded to the AKP government banning the strike of metal workers commencing on February 2, one week before the start of the strike.
“The country is under threat of the government which has sent its army to the expedition in Syrian lands along with jihadist gangs. The country is under threat due to the American bases which were converted into nuclear arsenals and the membership to the war organisation NATO. The country is under threat due to the profit greed of bosses who can risk everything. Metal workers will see this threat and lay claim to both their right to strike and the homeland,” said the TKP in a statement titled “Government of bosses in charge!”
The TKP drew attention to the close relation between the AKP government and the capitalist class, remarking “Thus, the government has fulfilled the instruction of the bosses once again. Now the metal bosses who think that they have eliminated a risk of the strike will continue imposing on workers the wages below the poverty line and flexible working. The government tells the workers whose right to strike has been revoked to ‘accept whatever the bosses give.'”
“This is not the first ban. The AKP has announced 13 strike banning decisions since the day it came into power. With these decisions, striking right of 62 thousand workers was seized. 130 thousand more workers have been added to this number with the latest ban,” read the TKP statement and continued underlying the use of strike bans as a capitalist oppression: “We know that strike bans are a tool of oppression over workers which the capitalist system can never abandon. Not only the AKP but every boss government that has ruled the country to date didn’t abstain from banning strikes.”
The TKP also emphasised the “national security” narrative of the government in strike bans: “And the excuse for strike bans has always been ‘national security.’ The current government, too, showed the same reason when banning the strike of metal workers. Now the capitalist organisations and company unions whose primary mission is to keep workers under control will join in this choir. They will start a demagogy that ‘national security comes first’ with one voice.”
Common appeal by Communist and Workers’ Parties: Solidarity with the people of Iran – No to any foreign intervention

Monday, January 22, 2018

Common appeal by Communist and Workers Parties: Solidarity with the people of Iran – No to any foreign intervention
With a common declaration, Communist and Workers’ parties from all over the world express their solidarity towards the people of Iran and condemn any attempt of foreign intervention in the country’s internal affairs:
The Communist and Workers parties that sign this statement have followed with concern the recent developments in Iran where tens of thousands of people in many towns and cities across Iran protested against the policies of the autocratic regime.
The protests were against the destructive economic policies of the regime, its brutal violation of human and democratic rights and disregard for the ILO conventions regarding workers rights and its widespread corruption. Young people have been the main victims of the regime’s policies, including more than five million unemployed graduates. Those who came out were predominantly young and from poor working class districts demanding fundamental economic, social and cultural change for jobs, a living wage, dignity, respect and justice.
We have received credible reports about brutal tactics used by the security forces and the regime’s paramilitary militia to violently break up these mainly peaceful demonstrations by ordinary people.  At least 20 demonstrators have been killed and more than 3700 people arrested and taken into custody.  The security forces have raided and occupied university campuses in different parts of the country to stop the student movement from joining the protests.  A significant number of university students not involved in any protest demonstration were arrested at home or on the campuses of their universities. The authorities have claimed that this illegal measure is preventative.
The people of Iran and their progressive forces have repeatedly and resolutely stated that, based on their own history and experience of recent tragedies in the Middle East, they reject any outside intervention in the internal affairs of Iran under any pretext whatsoever and believe that the future of Iran should be decided only by the Iranian people themselves.
We believe that the realisation of the demands of the protesters for peace, progress and social justice is the best guarantee for Iran’s independence and for genuine popular sovereignty.  This is the only sure way to guard against foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country and for the Iranian people to stand firm and united against the machinations of US imperialism and its allies, in particular the Israeli government and the reactionary regimes in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf States.
The Communist and Workers parties co-signing this statement of support for the struggle of the Iranian people for peace, progress and social justice are united in:
  • Condemning the use of repressive measures against civilian protesters which have resulted in at least 22 deaths and the arrest of thousands of protesters and activists. 
  • Demanding that the authorities publish a list of names of all those arrested during the protest demonstrations and where they are being held, and immediately release all those detained by the security forces. 
  • Requesting that all those held are guaranteed access to legal representation of their own choosing. 
  • Demanding an end to the use of all forms of torture. 
  • Demanding the removal of all military and security units from university campuses.
  • Supporting the demands of the protesters for an end to privatisation, unemployment and corruption – all outcomes of the neoliberal-driven austerity policies of the regime. 
  • Rejecting any foreign intervention whatsoever in the internal affairs of Iran and emphasizing that the future of Iran should be decided by the Iranian people themselves alone.
1.   AKEL
2.   Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
3.   Communist Party of Greece
4.   Communist Party of India
5.   Communist Party of India Marxist
6.   Tudeh Party of Iran
7.   Communist Party of the Russian Federation
8.   South African Communist Party
9.   Communist Party of Spain
10. Communist Party of Turkey
11. Communist Party of Ukraine 
[The appeal is open for further signatures]
19 January, 2018.
Hands Off Syria! TKP and Turkey’s Peace Committee condemn Erdogan’s Afrin operation in Syria
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Monday, January 22, 2018

Hands Off Syria! TKP and Turkey’s Peace Committee condemn Erdogan’s Afrin operation in Syria
In a statement published on January 21st, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) condemns the military operation of Erdogan’s government against Syria. Noting that Syria has long been turned into an arena for the bloody games of the imperialist powers, and that the AKP government of Turkey has sought ways to integrate in these imperialist projects, TKP underlined that the Turkish AKP government’s recent military operation in Syria has “nothing to do with any national interest or security issue of Turkey.”
TKP reminded that Turkey is an allied NATO member and pointed to the hypocrisy of the AKP government for not “questioning the military existence of NATO in Turkey, but arguing about a threat in Syria.”
Saying that AKP’s operation serves imperialist plans aiming to divide Syria, TKP underlined that the people of Turkey “cannot be deceived with heroism or nationalist demagogy. Syria must be cleared of imperialist projects, interest conflicts between big powers and the fundamentalist powers of the region. It is the Syrian people who will do this.”
Baris Dernegi: No to foreign intervention in Syria!
From her side, the Peace Committee of Turkey (Baris Dernegi) has issued a statement condemning the so-called Afrin operation of the Turkish military forces in Syria:
The Afrin operation of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has nothing to do with our country’s national interests. This operation is a new link of Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) interventions against the sovereignty of Syria.
Attacks of imperialist-sponsored reactionary forces have turned the country into a bloodbath and displaced millions of Syrian people since 2011. Although the jihadist gangs were largely repelled, the recent developments prove that all powers are the enemies of stability and peace in Syria.
Liquidation of the Islamic State is not enough; it is apparent that peace will not be achieved until the Syrian people take full control of the country and all foreign powers withdraw.
Turkey’s attack with the consent of the U.S.A. and Russia is illegitimate, reinforcing the partition of Syria in the service of imperialism. AKP’s anti-American discourse is completely demagogic.
Escalating nationalism and chauvinism go along with TSK’s intervention, while warmongering is rising and war is attempted to be legitimatised through a religious discourse. It is necessary to reject this policy that functions as divisive not only in Syria but also in Turkey.
Various entities supported by the U.S.A. are pointed out as a threat. All U.S. attempts are extremely serious threats for all peoples of the region, particularly for Syria and Turkey. All policies paving the way for imperialism are anti-people.
It is necessary to put an end to all foreign interventions in Syria immediately and unconditionally. Imperialism and all big powers should leave Syria alone, and the people should determine their future themselves.
We call on all neighbouring and peace-loving people to unite against imperialism and reaction.
KKE expresses solidarity with the Communist Party of Turkey, denounces the conviction of Kemal Okuyan
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Friday, January 19, 2018

KKE expresses solidarity with the Communist Party of Turkey, denounces the conviction of Kemal Okuyan
The International Relations Section of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece has issued a solidarity message to the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) regarding the provocative conviction of TKP’s General Secretary Kemal Okuyan.
The KKE condemns and denounces the unacceptable conviction of the General Secretary of the CP Turkey, Kemal Okuyan, by the Turkish courts to 11 months and 20 days in prison with the pretext that in an article of his “he insulted the President of Turkey, Erdogan.”
This a provocative decision that aims to impede the activity of the communists who are playing a leading role in the struggle against the anti-worker political line and enormous repression which has been unleashed by the Turkish government, as well as against the barbarity of the capitalist system itself. The aim of cde Kemal Okuyan’s conviction is to terrorize the Turkish people so that they do not organize their struggles against the anti-people political line, against the aggression of capital. The provocative decision of the court (which in the end transformed the sentence into a fine) is added to the long list of other reactionary judicial decisions in Turkey.

We express our full solidarity with our comrades of the CP of Turkey, with the struggle of the Turkish people who have the strength to decisively answer the attempt to terrorize them, the repression that goes hand in hand with class exploitation and the system which cannot be corrected, only overthrown.

* * * 
TKP General Secretary Kemal Okuyan sentenced to 11 months in jail for “insulting Erdogan”.
The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and soL columnist Kemal Okuyan, is sentenced to imprisonment for 11 months and 20 days on the pretext of “insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan”.
A local criminal court in Istanbul has decided on Jan. 18 to impose imprisonment for 14 months on Okuyan decreasing the punishment to 11 months and 20 days due to “mitigating circumstances” for having written a column that allegedly defamed Erdogan.   
The court has converted the prison sentence into a fine, adding that Okuyan would be imprisoned if the fine were not paid. Many people and politicians have faced such sentences in recent years in Turkey.  
The court alleges that Okuyan insulted Erdogan through a column dated July 28, 2015. “Did the country surrender to a maniac?” was the title of the column by Okuyan.  (soL international)
Communist Party of Turkey: “Turkey is not helpless, the people’s true alternative will be strengthened!”
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Communist Party of Turkey: “Turkey is not helpless, the people’s true alternative will be strengthened!”

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has released a comprehensive public declaration on January 15, calling on the working people to get organized within the party in order to strengthen the people’s true alternative amid the political chaos in the country.
Indicating to the current situation of the worldwide imperialist system, the TKP declaration says, “It has been revealed that the world’s super power U.S. President Trump watches T.V., and eats hamburger all the day for fear of being poisoned. What a big dilemma!”
The TKP puts forth that Donald Trump is the most suitable personality to represent today’s imperialist world order since the current system is based on inequalities, unfair distribution of income, starvation, poverty, unemployment, intense exploitation, environmental damage, crazy armament, the threat of nuclear war, racism and religious fundamentalism.
The TKP declaration states that although Turkey does not deserve the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, this party suits to the existing order of the country very well under capitalist conditions.
“It is not surprising,” the TKP says, pointing out to the interior minister, who orders the police to “break the drug dealers’ legs” in an unlawful attempt, as a member of the AKP government that attacks workers who raise their voices for their trade union rights.
As Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) dares to give fatwas saying that “9-year-old children could marry”, the TKP emphasizes that all the bourgeois parties have played role in the emergence of such scandals, considering that, apart from the AKP party and its right-hand fascist MHP party, the parliamentary main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) defines secularism as the “freedom of faith and praying” or the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) commemorates Islamic religious figures, eventually undermining the basis of secularism.
Setting forth that there is no other capitalism, market economy or imperialism, the TKP calls on all the people to struggle with the party for the bright future of the country, adding that it is the responsibility of the communist party to warn those who dream about “fleeing from the country under the AKP rule” or “waiting for other forces to save the country”.
“Turkey must be saved from the U.S., its military existence and bases, its intelligence organizations, its political impositions, its threats of coups, and from NATO,” the TKP says, but emphasizes that without getting rid of the country’s capitalist class that cooperates with the U.S., it would be impossible to kick out such imperialist forces from the country.
The TKP vows that it will launch an assertive and widespread campaign along with patriotic people for exiting from NATO and shutting down the entire foreign military bases in Turkey, reminding that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s and his party’s discourse against the U.S. is just fake and demagogic.
“Imperialism is not only composed of the U.S. Imperialism is the name of today’s world order, and the powerful actors of the system from the European Union countries to the Russian Federation, from China to Japan are all in a cut-throat competition,” the TKP declaration says, adding that this is what leads to regional wars.
“There is no good imperialist,” the communist party notes, pointing out the role of Turkey’s capitalist class that drags the country into a bloody game in search for new fields of market and investment in the region.
Reminding that the AKP government is no different than former bourgeois governments in exploiting the workers and eliminating their rights to strike, as one percent of the population, the capitalists, seize most of the country’s richness, the TKP warns the working people to not to generate hope from the intra-bourgeois political tensions.
The TKP emphasizes that the tension between ErdoÄŸan and his predecessor Abdullah Gül, the position of the CHP party or the new ‘Good Party’ under the lead of ultra-nationalist Meral AkÅŸener would not change the rule of exploitative capitalist class.
“When the working class said in the past, ‘We want the power, the workers will rule the country,’ the capitalists had to step back. Thus the 8-hour workday, the right to collective bargaining with trade unions and social security system were provided, thus many countries enabled free system of education and health,” the TKP statement says, adding that only when the working people get organized and seek power, they can protect their acquired rights.
Referring to the historical progress in Turkey, the TKP states that reactionary forces were defeated in 1908 and 1923 when the obsolete Ottoman Empire collapsed and the modern Republic of Turkey was established.
“Reactionism was supported by imperialists, particularly the U.S. and Germany, in order to put an end to the rise of socialism and the workers’ movement in Turkey and the region,” the declaration says, adding that the TKP sees the struggle for Enlightenment as part of the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.
The TKP underlines that Turkey will witness three important elections in the near future, however, adding that relying on the elections alone would mean suicide for the people, considering that the elections in Turkey are open to the AKP-government-led manipulations.
“The pro-establishment opposition has also accepted this situation and focused on the presidential election. Everyone is searching for a ‘person’ who will defeat ErdoÄŸan. This, however, would entrap the Turkish society. Politics based on one single person would completely passivize the people,” the TKP remarks, adding that unorganized people always lose as many bourgeois alternatives to ErdoÄŸan’s party are vainly portrayed as a “recipe for emancipation”.
Declaring that working people’s emancipation will not come with elections alone, the TKP says that it will create the people’s true alternative during the elections despite the government’s repression and bans.
The TKP will launch a campaign between January 20 and February 20 to organize new party members along with new party buildings across the country. The party calls on the working people to attend the party events that will be held in commemoration of the 15 initial founders and members of the TKP, who were murdered in the year of 1920 during the anti-imperialist war waged in Anatolia.
“Turkey is not helpless, the people’s true alternative will be strengthened,” the TKP declaration concludes.
* * * 
“Türkiye çaresiz deÄŸildir, halkın gerçek seçeneÄŸi güçlenecektir.”
Dünyanın süper gücü Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nin Başkanı Trump’ın zehirlenme korkusuyla sadece hamburger yiyip bütün gün televizyon seyrettiği ortaya çıktı. Ne büyük bir açmaz!
Hamburger devi McDonald’s bütün dünyaya sağlıksız bir beslenme alışkanlığını dayatıyor, birçok hekim bunun yavaş yavaş zehirleme olduğunu ileri sürüyor ve ABD’nin başındaki şahıs kendi sağlığını korumak için kendini bu hamburgerlerle yavaş yavaş zehirliyor. Bu nasıl bir çaresizliktir!
Kendine ait otel ve kumarhaneleri olan, insanları aldatarak para kazanan, kiralık yapımcılara televizyon programları yaptırıp insanları aptallaştıran Trump’ın ABD Başkanı olarak aynı “uyuşturucu”yla yatıp kalktığını öğreniyoruz. Bu nasıl bir ahmaklıktır!
Emperyalist dünyanın zirvesinde durum budur ve Trump bu dünyanın zirvesine çok yakışmaktadır.
Çünkü bu dünya eşitsizliklerin, gelir adaletsizliğinin, açlığın, yoksulluğun, işsizliğin, yoğun sömürünün, çevre tahribatının, çılgınca silahlanmanın, nükleer savaş tehdidinin, ırkçılığın, dinsel bağnazlığın dünyasıdır.
Bütün gün hamburger yiyip televizyon seyreden Trump bugünkü dünya düzenini temsil etmek açısından en uygun kişidir.
İnsanın insanı sömürmesi üzerine kurulu kapitalist düzen ne iyileştirilebilir ne kendi yarattığı sorunları çözebilir.
Dünya için geçerli olan Türkiye için de geçerlidir.
AKP iktidarı Türkiye’ye yakışmamaktadır ama Türkiye’de mevcut düzene fazlasıyla yakışmaktadır.
“Yuh bu kadar da olmaz” denilen olayların her birisinin bir mantığı vardır ve bugünkü düzenin kendisi “yuhlanmadıkça”, tek tek yapılanlara hayret etmek saçma hale gelmiştir.
Örneğin polislere “kol-bacak kırın” diye talimat veren İçişleri Bakanı, yıllardır hakkını arayan, zam isteyen, işten çıkarılmalara karşı çıkan ya da sendikasızlaştırmaya “hayır” diyen işçilere saldıran bir hükümetin bakanıdır. Türkiye’de patronların kasası dolsun diye her tür hukuksuzluk, her tür adaletsizlik “kanun” haline gelmiştir. Sonuç “kol-bacak kırabilirsiniz” diyen bir İçişleri Bakanı’dır; kimse şaşırmamalıdır.
Örneğin dokuz yaşında çocuklarla evlenmeyi uygun bulan Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı’nın temellerini yalnızca AKP ve onun hınk deyicisi MHP değil, “laiklik inanç ve ibadet özgürlüğüdür” diyerek din işleri ile siyaset işlerinin iç içe girmesini hızlandıran CHP, Said Nursi gibilerini aklayan HDP de atmıştır.
“Bu kadar da olmaz” yanlış bir tepkidir çünkü bugünkü düzende başka türlüsü olmaz.
Açıkça söylüyoruz ki Türkiye Komünist Partisi başka bir kapitalizm, başka bir sömürü düzeni, başka bir emperyalizm, başka bir piyasa ekonomisi olabileceği yalanına ortak olmayacak. Bugün “belki bana bir şey olmaz”la avunan, “ya daha kötüsü gelirse” diye kabuğuna çekilen, “biri bizi kurtarsın şu adamdan” dileği tutan, “memleketi ben mi kurtaracağım” bencilliğine saplanan, “çekip gidelim buralardan” çaresizliğine teslim olanları uyarmak, hayal dünyasından çıkarmak TKP’nin sorumluluğudur. “Bir şeyler yapmak gerekir” diyerek arayışa giren, çözüm arayan, mücadele etmek isteyenlere seçenek sunmak, onlarla birlikte aydınlık bir Türkiye kurmak da TKP’nin temel görevidir.
Türkiye Komünist Partisi 2018’de bu sorumluluk ve görev bilinciyle hareket etmekte, kendisini ona göre hazırlamaktadır. Bu doğrultuda, TKP yeni yılda tüm emekçileri, öğrencileri, sorumlu aydınları birlikte aşağıdaki güncel başlıklarda ortak hareket etmeye çağırmaktadır:
Türkiye ABD’den, onun askeri varlığından, üslerinden, istihbarat örgütlerinden, siyasi dayatmalarından, darbe tehditlerinden, NATO’dan kurtulmalıdır. Kurtulmalıdır ama çıkarları Amerikan şirketleriyle derin işbirliğini gerektiren sayıca az paraca zengin patronların borusu öttüğü sürece ABD Türkiye’den nasıl kovulabilir ki? Zengin sınıfların tersine emekçi halk ABD emperyalizminden nemalanmamakta, onun varlığından zarar görmektedir.
TKP pazarlık yapmak için değil, tankıyla, topuyla, tüfeğiyle, darbecisiyle, işbirlikçisiyle, ajanıyla, ABD emperyalizminin tüm unsurlarını kapı dışarı etmek için mücadele etmekte, emekçi halk adına iktidara talip olmaktadır. Herkes bilsin ki, 2018’de ABD emperyalizmine karşı sahte diklenmelerle, “eyyy Amerika” sayıklamaları ile değil, gerçek ve halk iradesine dayalı mücadele ile durulacak. TKP NATO’dan çıkılması, bütün yabancı askeri üslerin kapatılması için yurtsever halk unsurlarıyla birlikte yaygın ve etkili bir çalışma başlatacaktır.
Emperyalizm yalnızca ABD’den ibaret değildir. Emperyalizm bugünkü dünya sisteminin adıdır ve Avrupa Birliği ülkelerinden Rusya Federasyonu’na, Çin’den Japonya’ya sistemin güçlü aktörleri birbirleriyle kıyasıya bir rekabet içindedir. Bölgesel savaşların temel nedeni, bu rekabettir. Türkiye’nin bu kanlı ve ikiyüzlü rekabetin orta yerinde kalması yalnızca adı geçen ülkelerin suçu değildir. Türkiye’nin insani ve maddi kaynaklarını sonuna kadar sömüren patron sınıfımızın yeni pazar ve yatırım alanları arayışı Türkiye’yi ateşin içine atmıştır.
İçeride ve dışarıda barışın ve tam bağımsızlık ve egemenliğin yolu emekçi halkın iktidarından geçer. TKP “milliyetçiliğin” arkasına gizlenerek halk düşmanı politikalara ve şu ya da bu emperyalist devletin kanatları altında “fetihçilik” oynayanlara pabuç bırakmayacaktır.
Türkiye’de nüfusun yüzde birlik kesimi ülke zenginliklerinin yarısından fazlasını gasp etmiş durumda. Buna imkan tanıyan sömürü düzenidir. AKP bu sömürü düzeninin sürmesi için işçi ücretlerini aşağıya çekiyor, grev hakkını ortadan kaldırıyor, çalışma saatlerini uzatıyor buna karşın türlü yollarla bütün halka ait olan kaynakları patronlara aktarıyor.
Bu açıdan AKP öncesindeki hükümetlerin bir farkı yoktu. Aynı sömürü, aynı hırsızlık düzenini savundular, emekçi sınıfları hep aldattılar, yeri geldiğinde polisle, jandarmayla, darbelerle hakkını arayanları susturmaya kalktılar. Erdoğan ile Gül arasındaki gerilimin, Akşener’in hamlelerinin, CHP’nin içinde kaynayan kazanın bir yerden sonra hiçbir önemi yoktur. Bu ülkenin zenginliklerinin yarıdan fazlasını sermayedarlardan, patronlardan oluşan yüzde birlik küçük bir nüfus bölmesi ele geçirecek, milyonlarca emekçinin önüne 1600 lira alay edercesine “al bununla yaşa, gerisine karışma” diye konacak, sonra tamamı patronların saltanatına hizmet eden parti ya da “lider”lerden birisini seçmek demokrasi olacak. TKP bu oyunu illa ki bozacak. Zengin partilerinin çevirdikleri dolaplar, halkı nasıl kandırdıkları, hırsızlıkları bir bir ortaya konacak. AKP iktidarının, sivil ve asker bürokrasinin, yasaların, düzen muhalefetinin ortak noktasının patronlara hizmet olduğu gerçeği bütün çıplaklığı ile halka anlatılacak, halk düşmanı faaliyetlerde bulunan herkesin ipliği pazara çıkacaktır.
“Ben kendimi sömürtmeyeceğim, asalakları, soyguncuları sırtımda taşımayacağım, artık kendi kaderimi ellerime alacağım” demeyen bir halk yalnızca geleceğini ve ülkesini değil günlük ekmeğini de kaybeder. “Düzen değişikliği” için mücadele yalnızca bu karanlıktan kurtulmak için değil, hayat pahalılığına, ücretlerdeki kesintiye, çalışma saatlerinin uzamasına karşı durmak için de gereklidir. Geçmişte işçi sınıfı, “Ben iktidarı istiyorum, ülkeyi emekçiler yönetecek” dediğinde patronlar geri adım atmak zorunda kaldı. 8 saatlik iş günü, grevli toplu sözleşmeli sendika hakkı böyle sağlandı, sosyal güvenlik sistemi bu şekilde kuruldu, birçok ülke parasız eğitim ve sağlık sistemine bu sayede geçti. Yönetime talip olmayan, iktidarı istemeyen bir halkın lokmasını da hırkasını da elinden alırlar. Bunun en somut örneği Türkiye’de yaşananlardır. Kişi başına düşen milli gelir artarken gerçek ücretlerin sürekli düşmesinin başka bir açıklaması olabilir mi?
Çürümüş düzenin yıkılması için ayağa kalkan bir halk bugünkü gibi çaresiz olmaz, sömürücüler adımlarını on kez düşünerek atarlar. TKP “düzen değişikliği uzun iş, bugün ne yapacağız” diye soranlara bugünü de yarını da kazanmak için güçlerimizi birleştirmek ve bir avuç soyguncuyu başımızdan atmak için harekete geçmemiz gerekiyor yanıtını veriyor. Bu doğrultuda işçiler, işsizler, emekliler, yoksul köylüler için her gün daha dayanılmaz hale gelen ekonomik güçlüklere karşı birlikte mücadele ve dayanışma kültürü ile durmak için yeni kanallar açılacak, “örgütlü bir halkın kazanacağı”nı gösteren yeni örnekler yaratılacaktır.
Bu ülkede gericilik hep vardı. 1908’de gericilik yenildi. 1923’te gericilik yine yenildi. Peki bundan yüz yıl kadar önce yenilen gericilik bugün neden zaferini kutlamaya kalkıyor? Bu sorunun yanıtını vermeden gericilikle mücadele etmek yel değirmenlerine saldırmaktan farksızdır. Gericilik Türkiye ve bu bölgede işçi sınıfı hareketini, sosyalizmin yükselişini durdurmak için başta ABD ve Almanya olmak üzere emperyalistler tarafından desteklendi. Gericilik Türkiye toplumunun uyanışını durdurmak, kanla ve dinsel baskılarla boğmak için patronlar tarafından palazlandırıldı. Bu iki faktör olmasaydı, gericilik yenilmeye mahkûmdu.
Demek ki gericiliği yenmek için kapitalistleri, emperyalizmi yenmek gerekiyor. İşte bu yüzden TKP aydınlanma kavgasını yobazların arkasında kimlerin ve neden saklandıklarını bilerek yürütüyor.
Türkiye’de toplumun geniş bir kesimi kendisini mutsuz, çaresiz hissediyor. Hükümet bu çaresizlik duygusundan yararlanarak halkı sindirmek, yıldırmak için her tür taktiği denemekte. Ona en büyük yardım da düzen muhalefetinden geliyor. Erdoğan kendisinin seçeneksiz ve yenilmez olduğu fikrini yaydıkça muhalefet bir yandan AKP’ye daha fazla benzemeye çalışmakta bir yandan da “Erdoğan çok güçlü, onu alt etmek için herkes birleşmeli” demektedir. Gelinen noktada düzen muhalefeti Erdoğan’ın alternatifinin Abdullah Gül olduğunu kabullenmiş durumdadır.
Ancak burada bir alternatif olmadığı, yıllardır AKP iktidarına duyduğu tepki azalmamış milyonlarca kişinin Abdullah Gül’den heyecanlanmayacağı açıktır. Dahası bir tarafı İyi Parti’de, bir tarafı HDP’de, bir tarafı AKP’nin korkak muhaliflerinde, bir tarafı CHP’de duran bir “birlik” Erdoğan’ın demagojisi karşısında savunmasızdır. Hükümetten gelen “dış mihrak”, “FETÖ”, “Soros” suçlamalarını bugün “sen kendine bak” diyerek boşa düşürmek zordur. İnsanlar dünü değil bugünü önemseyecektir. Nereden bakarsak bakalım, düzen sınırları içindeki muhalefetin tükendiği görülmektedir. TKP bu tükenişin parçası değildir. TKP toplumdaki arayışın Abdullah Güllere, Meral Akşenerlere, yeni Ekmeleddinlere peşkeş çekilmesine izin vermeyecektir.
Türkiye yakın gelecekte arka arkaya üç seçim yaşayacak. Kimse bu seçimlerin önemsiz olduğunu söyleyemez. Ancak seçmen kayıtlarının her tür müdahaleye açık olduğu, sandık başında hile ve baskının yaygın bir uygulamaya dönüştüğü, YSK’nın hükümetin “seçim kolu” olarak faaliyet gösterdiği bir ülkede sadece seçimlere bel bağlamak intihardır. Üstelik Parlamento iyice işlevsizleşmiş, yerel yönetimler İçişleri Bakanlığı’nın insafına bırakılmıştır. Özetle “seçmen iradesi”nin bir hükmü kalmamıştır. Düzen muhalefeti bu durumu da kabullenmiş ve Cumhurbaşkanlığı seçimine odaklanmıştır. Herkes Erdoğan’ı alt edecek bir “isim” peşindedir. Oysa bu Türkiye toplumunun tuzağa düşürülmesidir. Tek bir kişi üzerinden siyaset, zaten örgütsüz olan halkı tamamen edilgenleştirecektir.
Türkiye’nin sorunları halk bütün düzlemlerde örgütlenmeden, örgütlü siyasete girmeden çözülemez. Örgütsüz bir halk sandıkta her zaman kaybeder. Kazansa bile sandığı elinden alırlar. TKP seçimleri elbette önemsemektedir. Milletvekili seçimlerinde de yerel yönetimler için yapılacak seçimde de, Cumhurbaşkanlığı seçiminde de her tür baskı ve yasaklamaya, hükümet tarafından icat edilen yeni engellere rağmen emekçi halkın seçeneğini güçlendirmek için üzerine düşeni yapacak ancak tek başına sandığa bağlanan kurtuluş reçetelerinin temelsizliğini göstermeye devam edecektir.
Türkiye Komünist Partisi 2017’nin son çeyreğinde yaygınlaşmak ve örgütlenmek için yeni bir hamle başlattı. Edirne’den Ardahan’a emekçi halkın seçeneğinin Türkiye’nin her tarafında kendisini hissettirmesi için yeni il ve ilçelerde bina açtı. Üye sayısında büyük bir artış var. 2018’de bu örgütlenme hamlesi yeni bir evreye taşınıyor. “TKP her yerde” hedefi doğrultusunda yürütülen çalışmalar sonunda Türkiye Komünist Partisi kendisine hak veren ama tereddüt eden geniş bir kesimle daha yakından temas edecek, onların elinden tutacak ve çaresizlik hissini ortadan kaldıracaktır.
TKP 20 Ocak – 20 Åžubat tarihleri arasında “Halkın seçeneÄŸi güçleniyor” sloganıyla özel bir örgütlenme dönemine giriyor. 1920 yılında kurulan Türkiye Komünist Partisi’nin Anadolu’da verilmekte olan antiemperyalist savaÅŸ sırasında katledilen 15 üyesini de anacağımız bu bir aylık süre boyunca Türkiye Komünist Partisi yeni birçok bina açacak, 15 yerde halkla buluÅŸma toplantıları düzenleyecek, eÅŸitlik tutkunu çok sayıda kiÅŸiyi parti saflarına katacaktır.
Türkiye çaresiz değildir, halkın gerçek seçeneği güçlenecektir.
Türkiye Komünist Partisi
Merkez Komite.
This is Capitalism #3 – Two million children are forced to work in Turkey
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

This is Capitalism #3 – Two million children are forced to work in Turkey

According to soL international, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) protested child labour in front of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution on January 5. TKP already launched a widespread campaign at the end of 2017, “Child labour must be prohibited”. The recent protest came after the Ministry of Labour and Social Security declared 2018 as “the year of fighting against child labour”.

Revealing the hypocritical stance of the ministry, the TKP members read a press release during the protest. The leaflet also pointed out that the government-imposed workers’ wages are far below the poverty line in the country.
“168 millions of child workers are forced to work in the world, in addition to a nearly 800 thousand according to official data. However, it is actually almost 2 million children in Turkey” the statement said, adding that the child workers are everywhere from shopping malls to the textile industry and constructions sites.
The statement reminded the official data, according to which, 127 children were killed in 12 years between 2002 and 2014. However, the Workers’ Health and Work Safety Assembly states that at least 300 children were killed as a result of occupational murders in the last 5 years. “Of course, we do not think that such a ministry that lies and falsifies the figures would struggle against child labour,” the TKP statement added.
TKP pointed out at the role of the European Union in the exploitation of children in Turkey. “Due to the readmission agreement regarding refugees signed between the EU and Turkey, refugee children have been forced to work in agriculture and industry,” the leaflet pointed out.
Emphasizing that many worldwide textile brands abuse child force, the statement reminded that such trademarks as Marks & Spencer, Asos, Zara and Mango are known to force Syrian refugee children to work in their branches in Turkey. 


TKP also indicated to the role of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP). As part of the government-led Islamist social transformation in Turkey, many schools have been turned into religious Ä°mam Hatip schools, violating the children’s right to have a secular education.
“Those who abolished the secular education have no right to talk about child labour. Only those who struggle for secular education and the bright future of country have a voice in the struggle against child labour,” the TKP statement said.
Saying that they are dedicated to finding a new country where children will live in an egalitarian, peaceful and free society without any exploitation, the TKP members concluded: “Long live the equal, free and bright future of our country!”
Iran-Turkey: “The alternative to the mullahs and imams doesn’t have to be the Yankee” (Kemal Okuyan)
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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Iran-Turkey: “The alternative to the mullahs and imams doesn’t have to be the Yankee” (Kemal Okuyan)
Kemal Okuyan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey and soL columnist, wrote on the political situation in Iran and Turkey on the occasion of the New Year.
How did Iran and Turkey enter the New Year?
We’ve entered the New Year. It was a New Year’s on which the political power terrorised the country saying “don’t enter the New Year; enter your home”, some caricatural characters kept watch on the roofs to beat up Father Christmas, the minimum wage that is kept at a certain level dooming the people to poverty was praised to the skies, and it was announced that a little more “poison” was to be added into ethyl alcohol to prevent alcohol production at home.
They can’t fully ban alcohol; they’re financing the Religious Affairs and the [presidential] palace with the taxes collected on alcohol. And around a same amount of money is left over. They can erect a second palace and recruit 120 thousand more personnel for the Religious Affairs. You see, drunkards are drinking and lamps of the Palace are shining. It is surprising that they devised so late to add poison into ethyl alcohol sold in the supermarkets in order to save the 10 billion Turkish liras [2.65 billion U.S. dollars] of the alcohol tax. They will soon have solved the increasingly spreading homemade wine and beer.
A busy New Year’s… [Turkish President] ErdoÄŸan said in the meantime that “very important things will happen”. So, they have expectations from 2018; we compromise on this. “Very important things to happen” is everyone’s wish but the distinction is between the good and the bad. Something, some certain things should happen in Turkey and the world and this year should pass into history with the note that “big things happened”.
Now, we can say that, important things are happening in a country where liquor production at home is very widespread: Iran.
Iran is already an important country: with its history, culture, social struggles… It has been nearly 40 years since the mullahs taking the advantage of the public anger against the Shah’s regime swooped on this important country.
The Shah’s regime was pro-American, prospering the capitalist class, oppressive to the utmost, and not actually secular; but it was flirting with the bourgeois modernism.
The mullahs showed the U.S. the door; this time, the exploitation system happened to keep up not with the help of the CIA but through religious oppression. The capitalists continued to prosper; the workers to remain poor.
It’s not possible from outside to give an answer to the question that which regime was crueller; there are Iranian revolutionaries, the communist who experienced both and if you ask them, they say “there is no lesser of two evils, no choice”.
That’s the point; the humanity should now abandon the mania of finding the lesser evil.
On one hand is an exploitation system sustained with the lie of “freedom and democracy”, and on the other hand is an exploitation system adorned with religious dogmas and anti-Americanism.
First thing wanted from us: If you stand with freedom and democracy, you should embrace the values of the U.S. and the European Union or you will fall into the hands of dictators!
Second thing wanted from us: If you stand with independence, you should ignore and stomach dictators whatsoever; also forget about the exploitation – long live the homeland!
The demand of those who hit the streets in Iran is complicated. It’s natural; Iran is a country where many things can be demanded. It’s legitimate to demand freedom… It’s legitimate to struggle against the high cost of living… It’s legitimate to react to corruptions… It’s legitimate to demand justice… These are on the streets. There are doubtlessly U.S.-led elements on the streets as well. They are never legitimate. Voice of those who want even more “reactionism” can also be heard. Can reactionism ever be legitimate?
Then, how will this complication be resolved?
By examining the essence of the matter. The existence of the humanity can’t and shouldn’t be wasted with exploitation and oppression for the sake of an awry independence or sovereignty, or with bowing to the imperialist status quo in the cause of false freedom. The essence of the matter is in the exploitation system. In both Iran and the U.S, the same class calls the shots, and that class exploits the same class in both Iran and the U.S.
Looking at the big picture is what will keep us safe from the crimes of following despots and tyrants for the sake of independence and taking part in imperialist projects in the cause of democracy. Both Iran’s way out and Turkey’s future is the large masses of people realising this truth and taking the reins.
TKP General Secretary Kemal Okuyan.
The Salazar dictatorship in Portugal was cruel against the working class but his relations with the Western countries was a bit at outs; he preferred a self-enclosed economy in the economic policy for a period, so much so that even Coca-Cola was banned in the country. Coca-Cola is a symbol that must be thrown out, but not in order for dictators to do cheap populism. The best option is to put both dictators and monopolists inside a Coca-Cola bottle and get rid of them.
Iran entered the New Year on the streets as they locked Turkey in homes. Both countries, however, were exposed to the same dilemma.
Nothing doing! The alternative to the mullahs and imams doesn’t have to be the Yankee; we see how they come side by side when it suits their book. More than half of Iran’s wealth is in the power of about three hundred rich. The richest 1% in the U.S. lays hold of 40% of country resources.
One is “independent” whilst the other is “democrat”; the one here is an imam, a sultan, a merchant, and the aggrieved all at once; however, the worker is oppressed and poor here, there, and anywhere!
No, no, may important things happen in 2018.